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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Nanny Bans Carols II

Nanny Bans Carols IIHere is an update on yesterday's carol singing protest outside of parliament.

About 100 singers turned up last night to test the new Serious Organised Crime and Police Act, by singing in Parliament Square.

The law bans demonstrating without police permission within a half-mile "exclusion zone".

No singers were arrested.

Nanny had decided to treat it as a carol service, not a demonstration.

Ah Ha!

However, as also noted yesterday, as this was a planned event that means it breached the licensing act.

Nanny certainly likes to cause confusion doesn't she?

On the subject of carols, I understand that police in Greenwich have asked that people perform citizens arrests on carol singers who try to collect money.

Greenwich police say that residents who feel intimidated by carol singers should perform a citizen's arrest on them, because they are breaking the law.

Police released a statement saying that anyone carol singing on a doorstep, without a charity box or a permit, is "begging".

The statement also asks residents to "detain such children", and then call the police.

That will work won't it?

You try "detaining" a group of 15 year olds!

The Reverend Elaine Cranmer from St Luke's Vicarage Eltham, said:

"It seems a bit over the top to me. It sounds like using a sledgehammer to crack open a nut.

I'm aware some people feel intimidated but carol singing has become a traditional part of Christmas

Marie Hunt, who runs the Deptford 2nd North Brownie and Guide group, said that she has stopped taking her children carol singing because of the "petty rules".


"It has gone too far now. The police are like Scrooge, they are just spoiling Christmas for the children.

When I was younger we used to go out all the time on our own but nowadays, the kids can't do it. They don't know where they stand.

It is political correctness gone mad

The Greenwich police statement said:

"Please remember that anyone (but usually children) who rings your doorbell or knocks and then starts singing carols,

but have no official charity collection box or permit,

are simply begging.

Begging by children under 16 is an offence under Section 4 of the Children and Young Persons Act 1933.

Anyone can detain such children and then you can call the police

The law also states the parents or guardian of the singing child will be prosecuted.

Nanny truly has entered into the Christmas spirit!


  1. Just shows how gutless Nanny and her 'new labour' minions are when it comes to the public ridicule of her rididulous laws.

    Do we assume that no £20,000 fines are going to be dished out for this not being a properly licenced 'event'??

    And as regards the 'citizens arrest' of minors, as I have not had a police check done on me, so could well be a paedophile in the eyes of Nanny, am I not inviting trouble on myself by taking a youngster into custody? Once again, we have a complete lack of joined up thinking by Nanny's clowns (and probably a lack of joined up writing as well!!!)

    Hearty congratulations go to all those who sang at the carol concert. At least some of Nanny;s citizens are prepared to stand up and be counted.

  2. Anonymous5:54 PM


    pretty much my thought processes as well.

    Why does an image of the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang keep popping into my head?

    There is an easier solution to this though - just ban children. Solves all sorts of problems at with minimal need for hundreds of unenforceable rules and regulations. Cuts (no pun intended) red tape as well.

    Also solves the education crisis, most bullying problems and paedophilia (at least in the lands of the UK.)

    Under age drinking and smoking would be a thing of the past and we could shut down the TV stations for at least 50% of every 24hr period.

    The pavements and roads would be safer places to be.

    The money saved by not havibng to raise the little ... er, children, could be ploughed back into the economy safe in the knowledge that we might as well spend it since there would, after a generation or so, be no family to inherit any remainder.

    Obviously we would need to dominate some other countries to be able to fund our pensions and to have ready locations to recruit the most suitable young people (Say minimum age 21? Or maybe 25?) for immigration to continue the success. But that does not seem to be a problem, in principle, today since so many wish to come so I can't see it being a major difficulty.

    Any thoughts? Have I missed something?


  3. If the cops are like ours in NZ, they always caution against using your lawful right to perform a citizen's arrest.

    I suppose it's OK when busting the enemies of nanny state- just don't shoot a burglar in your own home...