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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, February 03, 2006

Please Do Not Adjust Your PC

Do Not Adjust Your PC
Farking hell, when things go wrong they sure go wrong!

Sorry for the technical glitches folks and lack of posts, but following on from yesterday's loss of internet connection a few more gremlins appeared today.

My broadband connection was again down today, so I have had to revert to the stoneage and use dial up.

Then to cap it all, the site that hosts Nanny Knows Best fell over!

It seems that it is now back up.

Fingers crossed that both this site and my ISP will revert to normal levels of service in the next day or so.



  1. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Were you, by any chance an early trialist?

  2. Flip

    Thanks for the link.

    I use UK Online, but they piggy back on BT.

    I am told by UK Online that the problem is donw to BT "upgrading" their exchange in the Croydon area.

    Seemingly, other faults were then found in other exchanges; now BT has all hands to the pump!

    Needless to say, BT have not told UK Online how long this will take!

  3. Anonymous9:40 PM

    There's probably a team of them in a delphi session right now trying to guess what else may go wrong and, if possible, where.

    Chances of them knowing how long this particular piece of string is going to take to roll up into a ball is, at best, unlikely.

    I love upgrades! Some years ago when I was working with a company that manufactured and supplied a lot of the kit that is used by the 'carriers' like BT we always looked forward to upgrade projects - they offered huge scope for revenue, fire fighting and endless stories describing, shall we say, challenging decisions that had been made with little forethought and the remarkable consequences that ensued.

    Thankfully I was nowhere near the epicentre of such activities and so could metaphorically lean back, observe and do my best to remember the details for future cautionary reference.

    Hope all gets well soon.