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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Nanny Wastes Our Money

Nanny Wastes Our MoneyNanny is rather adept at spending your money, in fact some might argue that she is rather a profligate old so and so.

She does, after all, now employ 7 million people; at our expense.

One of Nanny's trolls, Liz Cameron, the Lord Provost of Glasgow seems to have got herself into hot water over her expenditure.

Claims have been made that she has been "junketing", well Glasgow is the "junkie" capital of Europe isn't it?

Oh, sorry, wrong word!

Anyhoo, dear old Liz has been accused of wasting £60K of our money on foreign travel over the last 9 months.

During that time she has visited; Chicago, New York, Nuremberg, St Petersburg, St Etienne, Austria, Dubai, Sri Lanka and Hong Kong.

Nice work if you can get it!

Needless to say, like all of Nanny's lackeys and trolls, when confronted with this she denied that she had wasted money and won't apologise.


"I'm taking the city forward and I make no apology for it.

The Lord Provost is an ambassador for the city - am I supposed to be an ambassador from behind my desk in the City Chambers?

When I go abroad I am out there selling the city because our city needs a huge profile."


"The £60,000 bill is not just my expenses but includes the expenses for my staff.

I never go anywhere without the council agreeing I should go.

Every trip has to be approved by the hospitality committee and the full council with an estimate of the cost.

I never go alone because that is council policy.

I go with my secretary who deals with all the meetings and my council officer who carries the civic chain which is very valuable

(Ken says excuse me whilst I laugh at that one!!!!).

What I do is no different from other Lord Provosts of the City of Glasgow

Edinburgh's Lord Provost, Lesley Hinds, took only one overseas trip during the same period, costing council taxpayers £1597. Need I remind Liz that Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, not Glasgow.

Seemingly Liz is not deterred by facts, quote:

"We are not comparing like with like.

Glasgow is a second city which has to punch above its weight.

Glasgow does not have a palace or a parliament building and MSPs

- it has me.

I am doing a great job for Glasgow,

together with the chief executive and other members of the council, in selling this city

Quite an ego on this lackey, isn't there?

Nice to know that our money is being spent so wisely!


  1. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Modest retiring little soul isn't she? A Typical snount in the trough Socialist by the sound of things.

    The taxpayers of Glasgow must be very proud of her

  2. Anonymous12:22 PM

    >The taxpayers of Glasgow must be very proud of her

    Except that it won't be them picking up the tab for most of it!

  3. Anonymous5:06 PM

    This lady is absolutly within her rights. She must have been elected by automated socialist voters (You did write Glasgow, which is in Scotland?)She is one of the ruling elite, one of the vast army of the political ruling class. It's only taxpayers money, not the real stuff, and in any case most of that comes from Barnet in England! She is untouchable, elected democratically, and democracy is holy writ in the best of all possible worlds.