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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Multi Culturism Works - It's Official!

Mutli Culturism Works!
There are some doubting Thomas's out there who are very skeptical about the value, and effectiveness, of Nanny's multicultural approach to treating minorities.

Even Trevor Phillips, Head of the Commission for Racial Equality, wants multi culturism banned.

Yet, in the midst of all the debate, we can see a perfect example of the success of multi culturism; whereby a member of an ethnic and religious minority has managed to adopt and adapt the customs of "both" cultures, without any real problems.

Our dear old friend Omar Khayam, photographed above centre, proves that you can live in both worlds at the same time.

On the one hand he is a "devout Muslim" attending mosque regularly and supporting various Muslim cultural events (such as the fancy dress party above), and on the other hand he happily dealt in heroin and cocaine.

He also takes a keen interest in international events and politics, especially Danish politics.

Some heartless souls may think that Khayam is a stupid little wanker, with about as much brains in his head as the average amoeba has in their entire body. However, that would of course be rather a subjective judgement.

He has managed to achieve something of a distinction, his actions have managed to ensure that he is ostracised by both the Muslim and non Muslim communities; clearly demonstrating how effective a multi cultural approach can be.

Nanny is in fact so pleased with his progress, that she has invited him back to jail; where no doubt he can help others adjust to living in a multi cultural society.

Of course, it might be argued that it would be a lot simpler and easier for both immigrants and the resident population if multi culturism were abandoned; and people were made to learn the language, leave their isolated ghettos and to adopt the customs and way of life of the host nation.


  1. Anonymous11:24 AM

    people were made to learn the language, leave their isolated ghettos and to adopt the customs and way of life of the host nation.
    Now whose sounding like nanny?

  2. Anonymous2:27 PM

    If you come around my house you take your shoes off, use the coasters and leave the toilet in the same condition you found it. It's not nanny, it's common decency.

  3. Anonymous8:16 PM

    It's about time they started being 'made' to learn and speak English and also learn to adapt to our cultures and ways and not try and change them, because they dislike or don't understand them. I think that our Government would be perfectly within their rights to impose a law which would ensure that
    a) Preserve British laws and culture
    b) Encourages them to adapt and intigrate better

    We have to stop appeasing them at the cost of alienating the majority of indiginous population, it's only fair!!

  4. Anonymous12:15 AM

    if somebody comes to your house, they dont force you to change how you live. they adapt and learn to live in a new environment, after all, it's your house.

    if they want to come to our country. they should learn the language and do things our way. hell. is there any point in having separate countries if we aren't allowed to preserve our own cultures.

    they MADE THE CHOICE to come and live in our country. of all the countries in the world, they chose ours. they knew what language we speak. they can live how we live or go someplace they feel better suited to instead of trying to rip our culture apart and rebuild it how they'd prefer.

  5. Anonymous10:42 PM

    The problem is not "incoming" groups (however you wish to define "incoming" and however you wish to slice and dice humanity to make a racial group).

    It's the craven misanthropy and self-hatred of the ruling elite that is the problem. *Everyone* is a victim (except, of course, for white heterosexual males, but that's another problem for another day) and the self-hating failures in government (is there anyone in government, the civil service or the vast and increasing beaurocracy - UK and EU - that was ever a success in the private sector?) promulgate this philosophy with every utterance.

    Wherever you look, a victim culture is not just accepted. It's positively encouraged.

    So, any group that decides to identify itself by some handy label (preferably racial) immediately becomes, by definition, a victim of institutionalised racism, needs to be listened to above others, organise itself and ultimately needs to have a completely disproportionate effect on the government and the craven media.

    And why? Because our government (and, sadly, all the opposition parties) have not one single idea, policy, philosophy or backbone among them. They sold those down the river decades ago when they decided that being in power and pissing other people's money down the drain was better than having to actually earn a living. And where the void was, that should have been occupied by ideas and principles, in poured every krank with a loudhailer and a grudge looking for handouts.

    What does Tony Blair stand for? Gordon Brown? Any of the brain-dead drones in the Labour party? David "idiot" Cameron? Nothing ... other than staying in power and destroying anything and everything that might put that power at risk.

    It's ironic that the House Of Lords ... which NuLabour has strived so hard to destroy ... is the last arm of government which actually seems to give a shit about all this.

    We are reaping what has been sown. We - the people of Britain - accepted spinelessness and presentation above substance in our politics. We accepted the complete and utter destruction of civil liberties and the law in the name of our ""protection". We accepted the surveillance state. We accepted PC and the supremity of the unelected EU over UK law. We accepted the media telling us what to believe and reprimanding us how racist/sexist/prejudiced/overweight/unhealthy we are. We accepted the casual destruction of the school and university systems under the guise of "raising standards". We accepted the redefinition of the word "choice". We accepted the annihilation of science, logic and reason.

    And we accepted the victim culture that allowed every idiot, with a religious belief and a threatening voice, dominion over us.

    It may be a cliche, but Orwell was so right. Just off by a couple of decades. Well done us - we could have stopped it but we'd rather watch Celebrity Big Brother. Makes you proud ...

  6. WOW.
    Not much one can add to that is there?
    Except to say hear hear (or is it here here) and hang our heads in shame that we did as anonymous said, allow this nanny state to do all of this. What we have now are not politicians, they are celebrities. Is it any surprise that the most successful politicians are the ones who resemble daytime TV presenters? Margaret Thatcher started the ball rolling with her image consultant and Labour had Michael (Wurzel Gummidge) Foot. We care more about the image than the policies. Most citizens will watch more soap than news. Multi culti has failed in EVERY country, it has caused wars and suffering. Think about it this way, here in the 21st century there are far more political borders than there are natural ones. Why? because people put them there.
    I personally think that the most important points about the picture of Omar Khayam are that:
    1. He is wearing what is effectively an offensive weapon since an unloaded suicide bomb belt is just the same as an unloaded gun. Where do you buy those things?
    2. He is standing next to a police van.
    3. He was sent BACK to prison. No arrests have so far been made with regard to the march.
    4. No British paper published the cartoons.
    5. The marches are now a part of life. This week it was over the bombing of the mosque in Iraq. What's the next reason for this Saturday coming up?
    Answers on a postcard please.