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Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Nanny Bans Meatballs

Nanny Bans MeatballsWhat a pathetic nation of wimps we are becoming under Nanny's rule.

It seems that the latest threat to civilisation as we know it, turns out to be from the humble meatball.

Yes, I said meatball!

Stow-on-the-Wold primary has banned meatballs from the lunch menus.


Nanny's lackey, head teacher Rebecca Scutt, is worried that the "precious little angels" under her "loving" care may choke on them.

Mrs Scutt said risks occurred when kids tried to eat meatballs in one gulp.

She conceded:

"Meatballs are popular.

Children love them because they're tasty, in tomato sauce and don't look like meat but they do gobble them down

Excuse my language, but farking hell!

Has no one ever told the little brats to chew their food?

That's why we have teeth!

As I understandsand it, the good people of Italy have been brought up on meatballs for generations; yet precisely how many thousands of their children die each year from meatballs?

You are as likely to choke on a meatball, as you are any other piece of solid food. The solution, when viewed from Nanny's perpsective would be to simply get us to eat only baby food that has been pulped.

Mrs Scutt should be relieved of her job ASAP, she is clearly not capable of teaching children the concepts of responsiblity and risk awareness.

This Nanny nonsense will simply breed even more self centred, spoilt, lazy, good for nothings.

Doesn't that count as child abuse?

God knows we have enough of them already.

Those of you who fancy a succulent meatball should visit the "Accountants Can Cook" section of my site (see right hand menu). There I have a most unctuous recipe for perfect meatballs...yum!


  1. Free speech not worth 125 jobs to a beebster

  2. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Meatballs ...

    Hmm ...

    Don't suppose the command comes from someone who prefers veggie burgers does it?

    Personally I am all in favour of natural selection and inability to eat seems about as natural as you can get, selectionwise.

  3. "that's why we have teeth" _ LOL :0