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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Nanny Tries To Ban The World's Oldest Profession

The Oldest Profession in The WorldNow we all know that Nanny has many bees in her bonnet about oodles of things; smoking, eating, drinking, teenagers and sex to name but a few.

Sex, being something that we all indulge in (on an occasional/regular basis), is certainly something that she can get her "choppers" into. One aspect of sex that has caught her gimlet eye is that of the world's oldest profession, ie prostitution.

Now Nanny has something of a juxtaposition on this (can I say juxtaposition?).

She has campaigned to remove street girls, and put them in "approved" areas and houses; the notion being that Nanny "cares" for the women, and wishes them to have safe working conditions.

However, on the other hand, prostitution kind of grates against her "feminist" instincts; in her eyes it is "clearly" exploitation of women, and must be stamped out.

Good luck Nanny, it has been going on ever since mankind stood upright, quite how your pathetic and incompetent government can change that I don't know.

Anyhoo, it doesn't stop Nanny from trying.

Enter Nanny's old friend Tessa Jowell. She is trying to ban prostitution in Germany (erm...don't think that comes under Nanny's jurisdiction does it?)

Tessa has teamed up with Nanny to urge England's star footballers to use their influence as role models, to campaign against fans using prostitutes during the World Cup finals in Germany.

Tessa sent letters to Sven, David Beckham and the rest of the England team urging them to shun sexual exploitation; in the same way they have campaigned against drugs and racism.

Tessa Jowell, Nanny's culture and sport secretary and minister for women, shrilly cried for "vigilance to protect women from exploitation". It is estimated that 40,000 foreign sex workers will arrive in Germany for the tournament.

At this point I would note that prostitution is legal in Germany, and that it is in fact none of Nanny's business what goes on there.

That doesn't stop dear old Tessa from sticking her nose into the matter; at a recent meeting with the Women's National Commission, Jowell said she was "horrified" when told how many sex workers were expected to attend the finals.

Jowell said:

"The concern is that where there are big global sporting events, large numbers of women are made available for large numbers of visitors.

I support the call to the Football Association FA and German authorities for vigilance to protect women from exploitation

Someone might like to remind Tessa that Wayne Rooney, England's striker, was accused of having rumpy pumpy with working girls at a Merseyside massage parlour while he played for Everton in 2004.

Needless to say the German football authorities think that the campaign is bollocks, referring to it as a "tiresome issue".

Indeed preparations for the arrival of prostitutes are well advanced, a brand new bordello has been built in Berlin and agencies are busily recruiting girls. In Cologne, the authorities have built a row of drive-in sex booths for motorists.

How very thorough and "Germanic"!

Rolf Gablin, a sex club owner in Cologne, said:

"The sex industry was legalised.

The girls pay taxes and health insurance.

This letter is childish.

I would not have expected it from an adult

I am surprised that Tessa has the time to meddle in other countries affairs in this manner, given the storm that is brewing over her husband's alleged dodgy dealing in Italy and the possible connections in this matter that are alleged between him, Tessa and Blairy.

Maybe Tessa is trying to look busy, and to divert our attention?


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  2. Ahhh.... good old "rumpy pumpy"; well, at least Nanny hasn't tried to tax or licence that - yet!!!

  3. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Didn't the german equivalent of nanny run into trouble on this recently? With brothels having been legalised, the job centres couldn't refuse their vacancy notices, and had to send people along for interviews. And if those people didn't take an offered job, they lost their unemployment payments. Net result: the unemployed forced into prostitution by the state. Not quite the effect they had in mind when they started licensing brothels.....

  4. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Yes - see here:

  5. Anonymous6:34 PM

    Hey ken, what's happened to the laboursleaze site. Your tracker causes the menu to obscure the front page.

  6. Anom,

    re "Hey ken, what's happened to the laboursleaze site. Your tracker causes the menu to obscure the front page..."

    Sorry can't see anything worng myself there, please try again.


  7. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Don't you get sick of hearing the old "exploitation" rant?
    If anybody is exploiting somebody, it's the working girl taking money off penis-driven males.
    Good luck to 'em, I say. Take them for every penny in their floor-level trousers!