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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Jobsworth Pratts!

Jobsworth Pratts!Congratulations to the jobsworths in Carrick Council for winning the prestigious Pratt of the Week Award.

Their particular pratt like behaviour has cost the good citizens of Carrick and Truro dear, in terms of time and money wasted on a silly jobsworth regulation.

The problem all started back on 31st December 2005, when a humble burger van was trying to ply its trade on Lemon Quay.

Truro Town Clerk, Russell Holland, was approached two days before by the operator of the burger van who sought permission to provide the snacks at the council New Year event on Lemon Quay.

Permission was granted.

However, at 11:44PM on the 31st, some interfering busybody reported to Carrick Council the fact that the burger van did not have the requisite £59 licence.

In fact the operator needed two licences:

- The occasional street trading licence £38 and

- The temporary event notice £21

Carrick, clearly with nothing better to do, then told Mr Holland that they would of course be taking legal action and that he would have to give a statement under caution.


This of course meant that Truro Council had to seek legal advice (quite properly so). The costs are now estimated to be running into the thousands.

Does Carrick Council care?

Does it F**k!

Proof, if ever it were needed, that local councils do not work for the voters but for themselves.

Feel free to drop Carrick Council a line with your views on this matter, via this link Pratts!

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