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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hoodies Are Scary

Hoodies Are ScaryIn the fifties it was the Teddy Boys, in the sixties it was mods and rockers, the seventies saw punk and the eighties had new romantics. Now, in the noughties, we have hoodies.

As ever with teenage "fashion", Nanny is scared sh****ss.

Nanny ignores that fact that as with all teenage "fashion" it will pass, and that it is worn merely a sign of fear of not belonging to a group rather than as a sign of criminal intent.

Anyhoo, notwithstanding that, Nanny recently decided that Jack Johnson was inappropriately dressed when he went to his local shopping centre in Eastleigh.

His crime?

He was wearing the dreaded hoodie.

The reaction from Nanny?

Nanny's security guard banned him from wearing the hoodie, or leave, in case people were scared.

The problem?

Jack is only six years old, and the hood was part of an attachment to his school coat.

What about duffel coats?

They have hoods too.

Jack's mum, Tracey, said:

"I couldn't believe it.

It wasn't even a hooded top but his school-issue coat."

This man was going to kick us out unless Jack took his hood off.

Just how scary does a six-year-old look in his school coat

Jack said:

"I thought it was silly and I was sad and upset."

Nanny is silly, and very upsetting to many people.


  1. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Sounds like a useful session of early training for young Jack in the world of compensation culture.

    I wonder what he and his Mum will be offered as a sweetener?

    Not as much as the woman who delayed the caesarian section of her own daughter by popping out for a quick cough and a drag.

    When her anaesthetist allegedly made a few remarks about how undesirable this was, from a couple of points of view medically, she seems to have become upset. Now awarded £44,000 apparently for hurt feelings.

    Sooo, since Nanny is saying much the same things through the Media these days should all smokers, "junk" food consumers, hoodies, 4x4 drivers, and the generally obese start actions against Nanny for her cruel and hurtful words?

    I rather think they should. I fact I think I might start smoking and eating excessively in order to have the opportunity otherwise I will, once again, lose out on the compo culture.

    (I suppose I could just stick with becoming a hoodie by wearing my Berghaus jacket everywhere but fear reprisals from the fashion police. ALso I suspect that the compo from the other options wouol dbe greater than the compo for hoodies' hurt feelings.)

  2. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Wonder what the security guards would have done if he and his mother had refused to either remove the hood or leave? Does nanny think it is OK to bully people in this way? Such threatening behaviour from some would attract the full penalty of the law (or at least an ASBO).

  3. Anonymous7:49 PM

    Oh dear, I'm a 56yo miserable old fart and I always wear hoodies. I own no less than four and am even wearing one as I type this. I'm also a keen winter swimmer so I'd better watch it if I skulk down to my local river with my hood up and my cozzie in my pocket. Nanny'll have me banged up on two counts of malfeasance.

    Oh well, happy Yuletide everyone.