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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Nanny's Segregated Swimming Pool

Nanny's Segregated Swimming PoolI wonder sometimes if Nanny really understands what she stands for. On the one hand she pushes her pet subjects of "diversity awareness", "tolerance" and "quotas". However, then she comes along and does something like this which flies in the face of tolerance and equality.

Rather "surprisingly" (look closely folks, you will find I am being a tad "ironic" with my use of that word), my own local borough of Croydon (see for all about Croydon) have put their two left feet firmly in the sh*t on this one.

It seems that Croydon Council have decided that the local Muslim community are not being treated fairly, when it comes to swimming facilities. As such Nanny's chums on the council have decreed that Thornton Heath (a part of Croydon) swimming pool should hold Muslim only sessions on a Sunday afternoon.

As if that were not bad enough, the sessions are for men only.

A triple whammy!

Racist, religioust and sexist, to boot!

Nice going Nanny.

The men only swimming sessions are held for two hours every week in Thornton Heath swimming pool, in fact they have been doing so for a year now.

I should point out that non Muslim men may swim during this time. However, they must follow a dress code akin to bathing in the Victorian age; swimming shorts must hide the navel and extend below the knee.

Daniel Foley, a regular at Thornton Heath, said:

"I turned up and saw a sign saying it was closing early for Muslim afternoon

I couldn't believe it

Croydon Mosque says:

"Muslims are not allowed to show intimate parts of their body.

This is non-negotiable.

Muslims have as much right to go swimming as anyone else

A spokesman for Croydon Council said:

"We are keen to ensure sporting facilities in the borough

are accessible to the whole community.

We appreciate that certain religious groups,

such as Muslims, have strict rules on segregation

for activities including sports,

so in response to requests from the local community,

we have been running these sessions at Thornton Heath Leisure Centre

for the past year,

with a women-only session on Saturday evening and a male-only session on Sunday evening.

These have been successful and well attended.

Croydon is not unique in offering such sessions

to minority communities, many local authorities do the same.

We are not giving preference to any one group

but simply taking practical steps to create access to all

A few facts here:
  • Local authorities collect council taxes from all residents, in order to provide services and facilities for all residents without fear or favour to any one group. The segregation is clearly discriminatory, as it denies many people access to the facility on a Sunday afternoon.

  • Many people in South Africa and America fought and died for the right to sit in the front of the bus, to attend the same schools and to swim in the same pools as everyone else. Croydon's policy is segregation, pure and simple; it is a retrograde step which will alienate the Muslim and non Muslim communities.

  • It has taken centuries for Britain to develop the freedom and civil liberties, that we should be rightly proud of. We will not throw those centuries of toil and sacrifice away simply to placate those who are intolerant and bigoted.
Those who will not accept mixing with their fellow British citizens in a communal facility (funded by the community), and who seek to commandeer that facility, should consider their future in this country.


Division and segregation lead to suspicion and intolerance.

Intolerance and bigotry are not welcome.

This is non-negotiable.

Feel free to write to Croydon Council here Croydon Council

Here is a list of councillors, and their email addresses Councillors

Give them my love:)

I would write to them myself, but they have steadfastly ignored very single communication that I have ever sent to them. So much for local democracy!

Whilst you are about it, why not drop Bliary Poppins a note too? He has been banging on about Muslims needing to integrate more, this segregation is surely a contradiction of his stated policy is it not?

Write to the PM here Bliary Poppins.


  1. Anonymous8:06 PM

    Since I have consistently demonstrated a bottomless capacity to sink rather than make much headway when attempting to move my arms and flap my legs in pool or sea water I would have to disqualify myself from any observations on this one since I cannot understand the motivation anyway.

    Interesting that the day should be a Sunday of course. Most apt. No doubt the pool is usually empty while the pews are filled.

    I assume MI4.5 are observing these sessions and have ascertained they are not some sort of under (personal) cover training exercise aimed at de-stabilising the water supplies in the South East?

    Come to think of it thast would be a bit of a waste of time would it not? The local suppliers and their owners have a head start so such a thing would seem a little pointless.

  2. Anonymous3:34 PM

    I am going to ring Croydon council and ask for a non religous swimming session only. I follow no religion and if the muslims can get a session on their own then I want it too. C***s

  3. Anonymous12:11 AM

    I'd really love to turn up in my most skimpiest of Speedos that I'll normally only dare wearing in murky open water.

    Swimming is a sport that involves near-nakedness. If Muslims don't like that the answer's in their own hands: just don't swim. Simple - isn't it. Next they'll be driving sunbathers and swimmers from our beaches.

  4. Anonymous3:06 AM

    The fact that there are only 3 comments on this subject says a lot about how you Brits are allowing yourselves to be subjugated by the Religion of the Pedophile Prophet.

    Wake the fuck up!

  5. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Anonymous said...
    "The fact that there are only 3 comments on this subject says a lot about how you Brits are allowing yourselves to be subjugated by the Religion of the Pedophile Prophet."

    I take your point but just as likely it says a lot more about public recreational facilities, especially swimming pools, and the public's desire to use them.

    Nasty unhealthy places in my view. Haven't had to go to one for years, ever since my kids got to an age where their peers' birthday parties moved on from such things. But even back then, in pre-"obesity epidemic" days, many of the sights to be unavoidably observed were far from pleasant.

    Keeping clothes on may not be such a bad thing, though what unpleasantness that might add to the water one can only speculate about.

    Of course groups demanding such facilities clearly set themselves apart thus becoming more identifiable to Nanny's measurers and counters. I would guess that someone is looking at the numbers and comparing usage costs with presence (and maybe even income) from that group in the locale of the leasure centre and concluding that there is a good case to be made. Come to think of it I wonder what the religious balance of the local council may be.

  6. Anonymous10:04 AM

    Your point? You'll find every council swimming pool has women only sessions. Are you going to harp on about sexual discrimination? You'll also find council pools are closed to swimmers for all manner of activities, swimming lessions, aqua aerobics, swimming clubs / gala's, inflatable's sessions (are they ageist). If there are enough muslims in the local community to make a covered up session worthwhile, then why not. A 2 hour session does seem excessive though!

  7. Anonymous1:31 PM

    "I should point out that non Muslim men may swim during this time. However, they must follow a dress code akin to bathing in the Victorian age; swimming shorts must hide the navel and extend below the knee."

    Try swimming a race in that kind of costume!?!

  8. Anonymous5:03 AM

    This logic seems to be full of wonderful possibilities. If I become a rastafarian, can I please be allowed to smoke pot in a public place? If a voodoo priest, to behead chickens in my office?

    If the aim is to provide for every possible idiosyncrasy of every tax payer, are they going to build a bookless library for the illeterate?, an artless museum for uncultured?

    What about people who do not actually speak english? I couldn't help noticing that my council does not provide any forms in cantonese. Surely there must be some cantonese speaking tax payers who are being discriminated against right there.

    So I guess that my question would be, has this government no understanding of the concept of a free market or, for that matter, of the difference between freedoms and rights?

    Live and learn.

  9. Anonymous7:00 AM

    Our local council used to run 'woman only' sessions, which were attended by our large muslim community, however a man complained and they had to be banned. Not sure how often that one man went swimming and why he couldn't go during the other 50 or so hours the pool was open, but there you go.

    The argument is academic really (unlike me!) as Bristol city council has closed every swimming pool in town apart from the one in the inner-city area- an area which apparently has had a bit of a TB outbreak, so as you can imagine, isn't too popular at the moment.

  10. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Am so sad to read this article... You clearly forgot that being Muslim does not stop you from beeing British and proud of it !
    And another reminder... The Thornton heath Pool is not a public one but a private facility.
    At the end of the day, you seem to prone tolerence and mixing amongst different relegious/non religious groups, well if you do not let muslims seesions happen at the local pools, then religious minorities will just end up being more isolated and there will soon be no communication at all.