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Friday, December 15, 2006

Nanny Bans Dragons

Nanny Bans DragonsPity the poor old dragon, a relatively harmless beast (when not provoked) yet all but hunted to extinction except in the nether regions of Wales.

Now it seems that Nanny is about to terminate the remains of this noble species, by banning it altogether.

In November Nanny informed the makers of Welsh Dragon Sausages that they could face legal action, if they did not specify which meat they were using.

Nanny has it in her head that some people are so stupid that if they buy a Welsh Dragon sausage, they might think that they are eating dragon meat. The fact that the ingredients (pork etc) are listed on the packet seems to cut no ice with Nanny.

You see folks, in her eyes, we are as thick as sh*t. For sure that may be the case if we allow her to keep Nannying us in this manner. Once you become dependent on someone/something, you decline both mentally and physically.

Jon Carthew, of the Black Mountains Smokery at Crickhowell, thinks the idea is bollocks.


"I don't think any of our customers actually believe that we use dragon meat.

We use the word dragon because it is synonymous with Wales

and because of the heat with the chilli.

To add the word pork means it loses its marketing appeal.

It is bureaucracy gone mad.

It states quite clearly on the label that pork is among the ingredients

but they want pork to feature in the actual name of the product

Nanny's chums on Powys council said:

"The product Welsh Dragon Sausage was not sufficiently precise

to inform a purchaser of the true nature of the food.

I don't think anyone would imagine that dragon meat was being used

but we would not want vegetarians to buy the sausages

believing they were meat-free

Why not?

Are vegetarians incapable of reading labels listing ingredients?

Does that mean that Richmond Thick Irish Sausages will have to change their name?

Does that mean that when I drink a can of Red Stripe, I should sue the brewer because there is no red stripe in my lager?

What about Brussels sprouts? They are not necessarily sourced from Brussels.

Indeed, what about John Prescott; some would have you believe that he is Deputy Prime Minister, a breach of the trades description act if ever there was one!


  1. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Ken said:

    "Indeed, what about John Prescott; some would have you believe that he is Deputy Prime Minister, a breach of the trades description act if ever there was one!"


    Tony B'Liar the same.


  2. An update to this story revealed today. According to newspaper reports, Trading Standards Officers across the country are planning to follow the example set by Powys County Council and take action against a number of food manufacturers who are misleading the public. These are said to include …

    … "jelly-babies" will have to be re-labelled unless they contain at least 50% real baby ...

    … "fish fingers" will be banned unless manufacturers can demonstrate that fish do actually have fingers ...

    … in addition to their false labelling, Bird's Eye and other manufacturers of "battered cod" face prosecution for cruelty to animals (well, fish) ...

    … Messrs.Fox's will have to re-name their famous mints which do not contain any actual glacier ...

    … wine gums will have to be at least 10% proof ...

    … and then there's "spotted dick" …