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Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Dangers of Mince Pies

The Dangers of Mince PiesIt seems that in some parts of the country people celebrate Christmas in rather unusual ways.

In the Paisley Centre shopping mall, Scotland, the resident Santa Claus has been forced by his employers to wear a hard hat for health and safety reasons.


Youths pelted him with mince pies from the upper level of the shopping centre, as he was handing out treats to customers.

Santa now has to wear a hard hat, decorated with antlers, to protect him.

Santa was not injured by the flying pies.

It's a funny old world!

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Apart from the ludicrous nature of the decision, it seems to me that, as usual, the wrong party is being penalised. Would it not make more sense to apply sanctions against those responsible for throwing the mince pies?

    A very happy Christmas and New Year to all the readers and contributors to this fantastic website, provided, of course, that you are not one of Nanny's lackeys.

  2. Anonymous4:47 PM

    How bizarre!

    Much easier surely to have closed off the upper level(s) to members of the public?

    Then they could start demolition in the New Year. Isn't that what normally happens in these situations? After all just because Sant is unlikely to be around next week does not mean that youths won't pelt normal members of the public with other things, potentially much more injurious that seasonal mince pies. Conkers for instance. Or pears.

    I'm not a great one for quasi-religious pagan festivals so forgive me if I stick with "Be Merry" but if I may wish everyone reading here a Positive New Year I hope that will be understood.

    (I would have said Happy rather than Positive but would not want to upset anyone who, for whatever reason, is unable to have a Happy New Year and might feel excluded by the sentiment.

    I perhaps should also point out that when I say Merry I mean it mostly in the sense of Jolly. I certainly would not want to see people too Merry and overloading the staff at A&E for the next few days. However a more than modest contribution to the National Tax Coffers will be welcomed.

    And finally I would just like to say thanks you to those who voted for me in winning this award.

    Finally, don't forget that this period of the year is a good time to get stuck in to your Tax Returns if you have not already done so - much more envigorating the telly.)

    Bye the noo'. Och aye!


  3. Anonymous1:13 AM

    Santa and his elves should have been sporting products from this shop.