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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Nanny Exposed

Nanny ExposedIt is somewhat ironic that Nanny, who has imposed upon us the highest number of CCTV cameras per head of the population in the world, is a wee bit miffed when the cameras are turned on the consequences of her work.

However, maybe that is not so surprising, as Nanny is a tad hypocritical.

Anyhoo, Angela Mason, a former supply teacher from Swiss Cottage found this out to her cost; when she went undercover to expose unruly behaviour in schools in North London, for the Channel 5 documentary Classroom Chaos.

Mrs Mason ended up at a hearing in Birmingham recently, accused of unacceptable professional conduct by the General Teaching Council - the professional body which regulates teachers.

Ms Mason said:

"Teaching is not my profession -

I left it 30 years ago but I still feel

strongly about it. I believe there is a major

public policy issue to do with pupils in

classrooms and poor behaviour.

I'm standing up for the supply teachers and

other teachers who have to endure this every day

The dispute has its roots way back in 2004, when Mrs Mason took the footage using a hidden camera.

When the programme was aired in 2005, many viewers including teachers and politicians were outraged at the levels of indiscipline in the country's schools.

Needless to say, that most forward "thinking" and "selfless" body of teachers- The National Union of Teachers ( appropriate!)- didn't like it. They said it was 'underhand', because the film was made without the school's permission.

My partner, Eva, used to work as a supply teacher in the UK; she tells me that because OFSTED inspectors et al had to warn schools of inspections, special arrnagments were made. Seemingly, unruly and troublesome children were kept out of school on inspection days and extra supply teachers were drafted in so as to make the school look vaguely professional.

What was it Bliar said in 1997?


Clive Rawlings, appearing on behalf of Mrs Mason, said:

"Angela Mason is merely the messenger

and we submit that you should not shoot the messenger

The hearing is now adjourned until 18 June.

Nanny likes to watch but doesn't like us to watch.


  1. Ken said:

    "Nanny likes to watch but doesn't like us to watch."

    A recent report in the local paper here in Bristol has somewhat cast doubts on the ability of Nanny to watch anyone.

    Last year a CCTV camera system was installed in the Staple Hill area of the city at a cost of £36000 with much fanfare about it helping to cut crime (rather than just being used to monitor the lives of people going about their legitimate business). Recently a shop directly opposite the cameras was robbed. Now you would think that the system, having recorded the crime could be used to catch the miscreants but no, the owner of the shop has been told by the police that the footage is too fuzzy to identify the perpetrators of the crime.

    The local council have claimed they are "ironing out teething problems" but more tax payers may need to be spent upgrading the system.

    So, remember folks, Nanny is watching you but if you do something naughty, chances are you will get away with it as on film you will look like a big fuzzy teddy bear.


    Scary Mary