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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Nanny's Gestapo State

Nanny's Gestapo State
I have often opined on this site as to what exactly is the point of a local council, what do they actually do with all of the money that they take from us?

Well folks, now we know!

Nanny has decreed that council, doctors and social workers will now act as spies on the local community. They will be forced to report "potential" criminals to the police.

A leaked Home Office proposal shows that Nanny will soon require that GPs, charity staff and public sector workers will have to tip off the police about any customer or patient that they fear may commit a violent crime.

The move means that innocent people would be presumed guilty, and put under watch without any firm evidence.

Quite how you can be reported for something that you have not yet done, based purely on the speculation of a third party, is beyond me.

New crimes on Nanny's "thought crime" list include:

-Looking at me in a funny manner
-Looking guilty
-Wearing a hoodie etc

The state should fear the people, not the people fear the state!

We are sleepwalking towards dictatorship, whereby the state rules by fear, as we wonder which one of our neighbours is a state spy.

The principle of law that this country's legal system and democracy is based upon is:

"Presumed innocent until proven guilty"

Nanny, by this proposal, seeks to invert that to:

"Presumed guilty until proven innocent".

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  1. Anonymous2:55 PM

    I am a home care nurse (in the US)so have access to people in their homes. Half their sh*t is probably nicked. Big screen TVs while on the dole and the electricity is cut off? Please.And incense burning to cover the order of pot. Its none of my frakking business. Especially with no due process. Only thing I would report was child abuse.