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Friday, April 18, 2008

The Joy of Fry Ups

Fry Ups
Yesterday Giles Coren wrote a piece in The Times about the dangers of fry ups.


"I'll tell you what's holding us back from finally getting rid of the fried English breakfast for ever: lack of education. You never see a person with a degree eating a fry-up, do you? Certainly not someone with a 2:1 or better in a humanities subject from a university founded before the invention of the iPod. That's because they are smart enough to know better. "

Well, the "educated" team at Nanny Knows Best did not sit idly by and let that one pass!

Post haste the following email was sent to Coren and The Times:


Re today's article about fry ups, here is a photo of the contents of a typical fry up that I treat myself to on some Saturday evenings.

Please note:

1 I have a 2:1 from Edinburgh

2 I am 45, and in very good nick

3 It is washed down with lashings of Erdinger

4 You will be pleased to know that I fry the bread and eggs in olive oil, and grill the English sausages, bacon and tomatoes

Did you not write recently that your doctor warned you about your own diet?

Kind regards

Ken Frost

Should you wish to have your own fry up, here's a list of the basic ingredients (per person):

1 Spuds for the chips

2 4 large English sausages

3 4 rashers of back bacon (smoked)

4 2-3 large tomatoes

5 2 slices of white bread for frying

6 3-4 eggs

7 2 slices of buttered white bread

Additional ingredients, if you are peckish, can include; mushrooms, beans, lamb's kidneys and black pudding.

Accompany your fry up with a well chilled supply of Erdinger, and plenty of salt.


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  1. Anonymous10:57 AM


    You are probably on Nanny's list for a stint at her re-educashun camp......

  2. Crikey! I suddenly feel rather peckish.

    As someone with a good degree I would like to point out that I too enjoy a damn good fry up on occasion. In fact Mrs Von is quite the expert at whipping up a fry up. My grandmother too was equally adept at producing an excellent meal including the not often seen 'white pudding' alongside the traditional black pudding, sausages, bacon, fried bread, eggs etc. For many years a local cafe, open on a Sunday morning was a favourite haunt and whilst working as an archaeologist in the 1980s one of our favourite places to obtain sustenance was a local transport 'caff' serving an excellent fry up washed down with large mugs of builders tea.

    Now, according to Nanny, having enjoyed a lifetime of such repasts I should be dead. At 42 I am very much alive and on my last check up had cholesterol levels close to that of the Japanese, far lower than the UK average.

    Nanny can have my fried bread bacon and egg butty when she can prise it from my cold, dead hands!

  3. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Poor Poor Nanny, she has been talking rubbish for so long now, she is begining to believe her own rubbish.

    One fry up a week will do no real harm, especially if you live an active life, everything in moderation.
    What will be Channel Four's next documentry? Cotton Wool Adults?

    Nanny's answer to everything:-

    Regulate it
    Tax it
    Ban it

    I expect we will see the "fried food levy" introduced soon, or regulations for cooking "fry ups" or perhaps a ban on eating fry ups in public places......Oh it's a wonderful life in Labour's Nanny Utopia...Not.

  4. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Here's the thing that cracks me up. THis guy actually writes an article admitting what a condescending egghead he is by saying that no one with a uni degree would eat this. They are too busy with their soy lattes and whole grain muffins to lower themselves to eat like the unwashed masses do.


  5. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Unless things have changed very recently some friends of mine, one a professor and the other a Doctor, are very partial to a fry up. In the doctor's case it was a rare event since his wife and daughters are ardent vegetarians, something he goes along with at home.

    Perhaps the younger generations are different having been subjected to more food choice than used to be the case and of course Nanny's endless propaganda for their entire lives.

    Pity them. They may live for ever.


  6. Anonymous2:34 PM


    Enjoy the Great British fry up with as muuch relish as we do in our house. It can only be a matter of time before it is outlawed to be replaced with the EU approved croissant, complete with low-fat butter and sugar free jam, washed down with decaf coffee.

    You know Frau EU and Mistress Nanny in the UK and their fellow tofu nibblers cannot allow you to eat as you wish, as you are far too silly a boy to make sensible diet choices.

  7. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Personal REGULAR favourite:

    grilled bacon, fried egg, chips, grilled tomato beans, fried mushrooms, all plastered with salt, vinegar and Worcester sauce, along with a couple of doorsteps of fresh (family bakery 50yds up the road) white - white - bread and real butter (salted, of course).

    If I have it early in the day instead of in the evening, I'll replace the chips with fried bread.

    And to wash it all down, a large mug of tea with milk and four spoons of sugar.


    2.1 Psychology from Wales Bangor (established in the 1890s).
    Postgrad. Dip from Birmingham Edgbaston (1st division status).

    I'm the same weight at 55 - indeed slightly lower - as I was when I enlisted at 15, and I've eaten like this all my life.

    My brother: when he visits he insists on the same. Indeed, I sometimes think it's the only reason he comes to see me. Eats just like me. We have very similar habits in this respect. He also, like me, smokes roll-ups like a chimney and he regularly gets absolutely shitfaced drunk and has on more than one occasion woken up in a police cell with no knowledge of how he got there. He is only slightly heavier at 42 than he was when he enlisted at 17; and you couldn't tell that just by looking at him. He is a practising Medical Doctor.

    We both led essentially identical childhoods - as described here yesterday. And we were both mature students - I started the above at 36, he enrolled into Guys at 30.

    I think the key here is the activity-level of the childhood. I think someone ought to tell Nanny (and Coren).

  8. Coren is a typical British nouveau establishment bigot.
    You want leadership?
    In training today, the Team Leader went out 10 minutes before the end of the lecture; we thought he'd gone for a leak.
    Then, at 1010 am just after the canteen had stopped serving their glorious Friday breakfast(Bacon, Sausages, Eggs(easy over/scrambled), Black Pudding, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Beans, Hash Browns)-we went to the rapidly clearing dining room to see what we could salvage.
    The Team Leader had only gone and reserved Bacon Butties for the lot of us!

  9. PS- I've got a 1st class honours in Engineering, two Engineering Master's degrees and spent yesterday afternoon programming a Gaussian Matrix Decomposition solution to Multiple Linear Regression.
    Maybe Coren's right on one count; an honours graduate in Media Studies gets points more easily than I did, and that was probably due to social approval, which is what powers this sort of scum.
    I ripped the Behind-The-Times from my site after they censored me trying to talk back to Chinese Government agents in the comments section.

  10. Anonymous11:41 PM

    Wow! Me, qualified accountant, MSc and BA(Hons) (2:1) and I love the full English breakfast!

    Bring on even more black puddings!!!

  11. All these boasters who say they eat heavy without harm are mere tots - all under age 60. Now when they are 70+ then they can start talking. If they are still alive and not too demented.
    Mark you weight lifting helps your health as you get past 70 so maybe I could go back to butter if my wife would let me.

  12. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Had some black pudding and home made chips for dinner tonight. A new pudding I hadn't had before. Best in a long time - had identifable lumps of fat and really tasty.

    Also, a good poached egg on full grain toast is also really hard to beat.

    However, reading about nanny's latest crap does raise my blood pressure a tad.

    BBS (Hons)

  13. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Readers might enjoy elements of the Scottish fry-up: fried potato scones, pancakes and square sausage, delicious accompanied by ketchup (no doubt another Coren non-U product).

    Health & Safety has by now probably banned "clootie dumpling" which is made by boiling a pudding wrapped in a tea towel. Left until the next day, it is sliced, fried and served with heaps of white, refined sugar.

    There is a witty article on The Free Scciety site entitled "Meat is Murder" which people here might enjoy.

    Credentials: degree in humanities, postgrad diploma

  14. Anonymous6:14 PM

    You do realise that having used the Passive Smoking ruse successfully to influence laws throughout Europe the controlling zealots are going for passive drinking next and are more than likely to go for passive eating thereafter.

    They have already succeeded with Passive Public.

    I wonder if there are any spare accommodations at Guantanamo? Sounds like quite a good place to go.


  15. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Well, they're not passively eating and drinking on me - they can damn well buy their own!