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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Behaviour Management

Behaviour ManagementIn Nanny's world she doesn't speak English, she uses a mangled mix of bullshit "management speak" and political/socialist double speak when communicating.



1 She is stupid.

2 She doesn't want people to understand what she is talking about, so she tries to be clever.

3 Her arguments wouldn't stand up to rigorous intellectual scrutiny if they were presented in English.

Such is the case for her stand wrt "behaviour management".

What pray tell is "behaviour management"?

In English, it is called smacking/chastising children when they behave like little shits.

David and Heather Bowen from Taunton have found to their cost that Nanny does not approve of "behaviour management".

The Bowens are foster parents who have been banned by Nanny from fostering, after they refused to stop smacking their natural child.

Nanny's adoption panel asked the Bowens to reconsider using physical discipline towards their daughter Emma, aged nine.

They refused, and have been blacklisted (that's a non word too these days isn't it?) over their "behaviour management".

Mr Bowen said:

"I am a parent governor at a local school, my wife works for the school parent teacher association, has been a special needs careers advisor and now works in the school. We both assist with children's work at our local church.

Based on the evidence presented to the council, we cannot understand why we are unsuitable and it seems that we have been excluded on the basis that we physically chastise our birth child, in accordance with our beliefs and UK law

Linda Barnett, head of children's services at Somerset County Council, said:

"In assessing parents' suitability for fostering we take into account a range of factors which we gather from extensive assessment and discussion with the potential carers.

In common with most other local authorities, Somerset has a foster carer's agreement which describes our belief about parenting.

Where carers have a very strong personal belief that differs from the foster carer agreement, it is potentially unfair to expect them to operate to a set of guidelines which conflicts with this.

Mr and Mrs Bowen have lodged an appeal and we are in discussion with them about the hearing of that appeal

It's not for the state to dictate to people what beliefs they may hold.

Little wonder that there is a shortage of good foster homes, if Nanny is so fussy about only hiring those with socio political beliefs that match her own.

Little wonder that "yoof" is so disaffected these days, as it needs boundaries. Nanny keeps removing the boundaries, what are kids and parents meant to do?

Could Nanny answer that please?


  1. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Many MPs rather enjoy a spot of behaviour management. After hours of swilling cheap booze at the Commons Bar and rubberstamping the latest bullshit from the EU a relaxing spot of attitude adjustment from Madame Whiplash seems to set them back up for another day at the trough - sorry another day fearlessly championing the will of the people.

  2. Anonymous3:12 PM


    I think one needs to move with the times as outlined by what out local 'authorities' promote for their populations.

    Promoting child guidance is out.

    Promoting exotic shows seems to be in, even in Somerset.

    I stumbled across this little gem, or rather the very large tent in which it will be found, when I ventured into Derby today for the first time in some months.

    The tent has been pitched right outside the main theatre area in the only major square in the city. Shows start tomorrow. I have not booked a ticket.

    I note that the setting for the show seems to be alcohol related, a big surprise for a Nanny sponsored event, and the blurb on the website suggests that there might be a smoking area. Perhaps that is why it is in a tent rather than in a theatre.

    A one day version , absent tent presumably, visits Croydon on 1st May if you feel the need to check it out.

    Clearly the concept of using young males dressed as females (and looking somewhat pre-pubescent in that guise) is now acceptable fare for our councils. Indeed the website seems to have a bias towards Hen parties attending so presumably Nanny would be delighted about that.

    Nothing can surprise me any more - well, unless I discover that the food served at the show has not had to pass any salt content tests ....

    Nah! Surely standards could not sink that low .... could they?


  3. Croydon, 1st May?

    I think I'm otherwise engaged:)

  4. Anonymous5:42 PM

    Yes, I find I am also otherwise engaged for the entire period of the show's residence in Derby ... phew!

    But someone should look into it, so to speak, and report back.

    Looks like it is in Brighton for an extended (can I say extended?) period (can I say ...) so perhaps a South Coast resident could investigate on behalf of the regulars here ...

    I suggest this on the basis that I suspect Rome reached this sort of state of acceptance shortly before it was overrun and it would be good to know a similar fate is likely to befall us at some point before I shuffle off the mortal coil. Also I could better decide what to do with the remains of my pension funds that Gay Gordon has not so far appropriated one way or another.

    So come on, we need a volunteer!


  5. Anonymous6:26 PM

    I think I'm otherwise engaged that year.

  6. "It's not for the state to dictate to people what beliefs they may hold."

    Yes indeed, but holding beliefs is one thing; hitting children - even your own - is another.

    For once, I'm with Nanny about this.

  7. Anonymous11:04 PM


    Physical chastisement was something I rarely experienced as a child, even as a form of mild admonishment. I even survived an education at a minor public school almost completely devoid of physical punishment which, at the time, was quite remarkable. (Or maybe a sign of cowardice, difficult to be sure ...)

    However whilst I have no doubt that regular beatings, injuries and deliberate burnings of the sort that grab headlines in the media are both unacceptable and most likely counter productive, the odd cuff or slap, which is what I think Nanny finds unacceptable, is most likely to be entirely natural. One observes animals doing something similar with their young so I would suggest that such admonishment is part of a natural learning process and strengthens the message. Which is fine by me if the message to be strengthened is reasonable for the child's benefit in the longer term.

    I may well be that, as with so much that Nanny insists on, to discourage such controls entirely is counter productive to society as a whole. It may explain why young adults today, even fully educated examples, often seem to lack awareness of how they appear to older generations.

    Or, to put it another way, I don't see any evidence that the emerging butterflies of youth are in any way improved and more socially aware and responsible than their parents and grandparents who would likely have been brought up without the absolute constraints of admonishment that form Nanny policy today.

    In fact rather the opposite, but that may just be the usual alleged generation gap.


  8. Something must explain why modern youf are fat , drunken , spoilt darlings who 'wouldn't work in an iron lung' - (old argot)

  9. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Peter Mandelsen has voluntered to 'check out' the ladyboys on show when he gets back from another week tirelessly working for Britain at the EU.

    Alas, many of the chaps in Brighton are not too fond of the fairer sex, or even other chaps dressed up as ladeees.