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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hail To The Chief!

Sarah Palin
A rare venture into American politics today ladies and gentlemen, please forgive me for straying.

However, I have been more than a little amused at how the Republican Christian right has committed such a volte farce wrt its "high moral principles" re out of wedlock sex and working mothers, as they gush forth such vocal support for Sarah Palin.

Such unquestioning support for this relatively unknown candidate is truly heartwarming, given the fact that Senator Oven Chip only met her once and hasn't done much of a background check on her.

In fact there are stories circulating about Mrs Palin's somewhat Nannyish tendencies, eg ordering her local library to censor books and then firing the librarian who refused to carry out her orders (see The Nelson Report published by Samuels International Associates).

I always thought that the Republican right was anti Nanny.

I guess that means they are anti Nanny when Nanny interferes with what they want to do?

I assume that censorship is OK if it promotes creationism, God and stifles freedom of religious thought?

Anyhoo, my question to the Christian right is this, would you still be so supportive of Mrs Palin (working mother and soon to be grandmother of a child conceived out of wedlock) if she had been picked by Senator Obama as his running mate?

Just a thought!

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  1. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Hey Ken, y'all sounded like a good ol' boy to me a while back-

    God, Guts and Guns Made America Great, let's keep it that way. One of the many moronic bumper stickers I purchased to adorn my 'pre owned' and a couple of weeks away from the local demo derby 65 Caddy when I lived in the land of the free. I got a great laugh out of them. Most Yanks agreed with them.

    The 'Christian' right had just banned Harry Potter books from my local library in South California when I left for Blighty. Alright, I think Harry Potter books are crap, but they had banned them as they were 'satanic.' Great stuff from a country that prides itself on free speech.

  2. Ken,

    The party of small government, or at least, of restrained government, died in the US somewhere around the end of the Eisenhower administration (some would argue, around the end of Coolidge's).

    We now have two branches of the same party, which do in fact compete for power, and nothing but power, and which both agree -- in action, if not always in rhetoric -- that the size and scope of government should be expanded to the breaking point, if in fact they even accept that such a breaking point exists.

    I do, however, pay tribute to the fecund breeding of Governor Palin and her brood. And I can say as an American, and as something of a redneck, that true bible-thumpers throughout the land are thoroughly acquainted with the "lower urges" as it were, and only bang on so incessently about "abstinence" and "chastity" because they recognize the near impossiblity of maintaining such to the age of legal majority.

    So long as the marriage preceeds the birth, all is well. And if the marriage doeesn't last, well, none of us are perfect in the eyes of God. Believe me, American megachurches are full of American megafamilies begun under "shotgun" circumstances.

  3. Anonymous2:23 PM

    The photo is obviously a fake - no snow, no polar bears for a start.

    But think about the possibilities.

    Putin would probably be impressed, being an right wing outdoor sort of guy (taste in women unclear?)

    Sarkosy would surely be spellbound. And the Italian bloke.

    Quite how the Arabs would see things is debatable but that may depend on the geographic location of any meeting that might take place.

    As for American churches - I really don't think we in the UK have any real impression of what the US Church system is like, unless one has lived there.

    I was in Texas visiting relatives for a few days a year or so back and as we took a short trip on what we would count as a motorway on a Sunday we came across a local policeman who had coned off the nearside lane. Looking round for the accident or broken down vehicle and finding none I mentioned this to my relative who advised me that this was simply to facilitate the church congregation leaving the Church car park.

    Looking back I could see the first vehicles leaving the massive parking area. Looked like the guy could be there a while. Yet it was not one of the bigger churches.

    I suspect that most of us understand the USA (takne as a whole) about as much as the USA understands the Rest of the World. Barely at all.


  4. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Ken, the Republican Party has totally lost its way of late - hence the modern term "neocon" - which we use to describe warmongering big-government conservatives (traditional traits of the liberal left-wing socialists). The party has been hijacked somewhere along the lines. This is why my wife and I will only be voting Libertarian.

    On the plus side though, the picture you posted is actually quite hot!

  5. Why is it that I look at this photo at the top of the page, and then -- scrolling down -- see the words "indulge your lard fanatasies," at the bottom of the page, and then find my mind racing?

  6. Anonymous6:08 PM

    May I take this opportunity to say phoooaw to the American bird in the bikini with the gun. She can pull my trigger any day gedditt.

    Mind you I reckon that we could out do the yanks with a nice piccie of Harriet Harman in her swimsuit eh!

  7. The [Republican] Christian Right is largely a constuct of the same US media that breathlessly reports every move of what they consider its representative, the 150-strong (100 of them family) following of Fred "Kill `em all!" Phelps.

    Yes, when asked about religious matters many respond mostly in conservative mode albeit their answers to the same queries posed without religion involved (eg "should abortion always be banned or should there be exceptions? might be a bit different, and this is true whether one follows the likes of Billy Graham or Bishop Fulton J. Sheen (showing my age, roughly contemporary with Stonehenge) both of whom were staples of my childhood. And both of whom I found a bit silly.

  8. Anonymous1:46 AM

    I'll take a gun-toting, bear hunting, anti-abortion chick with a gun against any milquetoast, girly-man Euro-Wanker, any day.

    God Bless America!

  9. Anonymous4:38 AM

    Ken, I'm disappointed about your article.

    Sarah Palin did not 'order her local library to censor books' according to accounts I have read she asked a policy question about the library. The librarian apparently serves at the pleasure of the Mayor, and had supported Ms. Palin's opponent. If she serves at the pleasure of the mayor than there is nothing wrong with getting rid of her.

    Anyway you seem to have missed that she WASN'T fired.

    As for the whole "Christian right" tirade, what a bore. Sarah Palin is not pregnant and unmarried. I'm sorry for her that people are willing to judge her based on the stupid choices of one of her kids. And I didn't notice "working mother" as one of the things the "Christian right" despises. Pure vitriol!

    To write a smary caustic article about something you have no proof of... certainly that's one of the jobs of Nanny's minions in the press?

    Here's a link with info:

  10. Sarah

    Re the accuracy of the library report, take it up with The Nelson Report where the story was published.


  11. She seems likely to wow the muddle-headed God-fearing Moms of Middle America!

    A shrewd choice, seeing as Mc Cain looks and sounds like a walking corpse.

  12. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Dear Ken, Your picture also appears to be fake.

    And your response to the evidence and articles I referred to: WEAK!!!! If you care about the veracity of articles YOU are posting you should do more research. I look forward to your retraction, or explanation.

    I usually read your blog with great enjoyment. Please take responsibility for your mistakes, so I can continue to trust what you write.

  13. Ahhh, the lovely 'religion of peace'. And a bunch of PC, worthless Bobbies.

  14. Sarah

    This site is firmly tongue in cheek, I would not recommend that anyone make life changing decisions based on the content of the site.

    You aren't by any chance Sarah Palin are you?


  15. Those of you who want to follow the Palin book banning story (as it develops) may find this site to be of interest

  16. Anonymous4:41 AM

    Hi again Ken,

    Don't worry, I don't make life-changing decisions based on 'entertainment only' sites.

    I mean really... "librariansagainstpalin" a blog? I posted links from her local alaskan newspaper and the liberal newspaper the Huffington Post and that's the response? If you really cared so much about censorship perhaps you'd mention the attempts in the U.S. to reinstate the fairness doctrine?
    no, ah well. Does tongue in cheek mean dishonest?

  17. Anonymous6:37 AM


    Sarah's right - the photos are a fake. They've clearly been Photoshopped.

    I'm surprised you joined the left-wing chorus in having a pop at this woman. Must be your anti-Americanism.

    She's as unpolitically correct as it gets, and she's against the entrenched authority and the left-wing loons. What's not to like?

  18. Anonymous10:34 AM

    The inquiry into book bannings supposedly happened in 1996.

    The first Harry Potter Book was published in 1997.

    I have my misgivings about Palin as a force for Social Liberty (although considerably tempered by the existence of a Democrat-controlled Legislature) but the Harry Potter Book Banning is an unsubstantiated rumour.

  19. Anonymous11:36 PM

    Palin rumors (including book ban) debunked by Newsweek. Judge for yourself

  20. Anonymous1:38 AM

    The person in the lower portion of the photoshopped image is holding a BB gun, not a firearm. Just saying.

    Also, as others have pointed out, you just don't get it regarding American politics, Christians, and conservative politics.