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Monday, September 22, 2008

Prats of The Week

Prats of The WeekTis a Monday, and tis time for my world famous "Prats of The Week" Award.

This week it goes to yet another one of Nanny's local councils. My goodness, it makes me shudder thinking about how useless Britain's local councils really are.

No wonder council tax is out of control!

Anyhoo, the winners this week are West Wiltshire District Council who are having a little trouble over approving a pub sign.

Is the sign rude or offensive?

No, it is a simple and unoffensive name "The Black Dog, Chilmark, Bar and Restaurant".

The landlords, Trisha and Thomas Russell, took over the tenancy of the pub a few weeks ago and the sign itself has stood at the same site for around 20 years.

Yet they have been told to remove it.

For why?

The council, in their "infinite wisdom", have decreed that the sign needs planning permission and that the sign is distracting to motorists.

The Highways Agency, having received the application, objected to it.


"The sign contains several lines of text and is therefore distracting to motorists.

It is also advertising the use of a public house to motorists, potentially providing the temptation to drink and drive while using a long distance trunk route.

No alcohol is allowed to be served or consumed in service stations on motorways as a matter of principle.

We would wish to continue this principle by not encouraging drivers to break their journey in a public house

Errm...pubs have erected signs for centuries to advertise their location.

Nanny has done her best over the past few years to destroy the pub trade (eg via her no smoking rules, and entertainment rules that she applies), now she wants to add one more nail to the coffin by banning advertising in any shape or form by using the Highway Agency as her cudgel.

The agency ignores the fact that a hungry and tired motorist is almost as dangerous as a pissed motorist. The pub provides non alcoholic drinks, food, toilets and a much needed respite from the monotony of driving.

Surely it is logical to advertise such services to hungry and tired motorist?

Nanny would say not!

A spokeswoman for West Wiltshire District Council tried to weasel out of it, by claiming that the planning application was still under review and that a decision had not yet been made.

West Wiltshire District Council, well deserving Prats of The Week.

Let them know that they have won via this link Prats

By the way, in case you are wondering, this council is another one of Cameron's.

I suggest you drop him a note about this too, he might one day get the message that people are fed up with councils and that the Tory Party will not win the next election if he doesn't sort out the Nanny state and its local councils.

Get that message across to Cameron via this link: Cameron

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  1. Anonymous2:24 PM

    I thought there was a provision in planing law that if an erection had been in place for 4 years it could not be refused permission? I've seen this sign many times and would be more than happy to testify to it's having been in place for 10 years....

  2. Anonymous5:10 PM

    So could I point out to my local council that the 'sponsorship' signs on local roundabouts that tell motorists which gullible local business is ponying up to cover the cost of maintenance already bundled into the rates (AND making the things more dangerous by planting trees and bushes to block lines of sight) distracts drivers into reading the very small print on the 'Sponsored by:) signs and should be discontinued?


  3. Anyone keeping an erection in place for 4 years deserves a medal or urgently requires a surgeon or both.