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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nanny Perverts Policing

Nanny Perverts PolicingIt's good to see that some police chiefs still get the point that victims of crime expect to see a policeman (at least after the event). People's perceptions of crime and their feelings of safety are to a large extent moulded by the media, government and the police.

The media, especially local papers, delight in telling us about every single stabbing, assault etc thus convincing many that we are in a state of social decay; they ignore the fact that throughout history there have been gangs, muggers and assaults.

The government lies via statistics, and uses targets to impose its political will on the police.

Many police forces, being run by political appointees, slavishly follow government targets at the expense of what people really want. Namely assurance that there are police that are readily available and visible (the visibility gives people a sense of comfort and security).

Therefore the actions and methods of Roger Baker, Chief Constable of Essex Police Force, are commendable. He has ordered officers to visit every single victim, since he took over 3 years ago there have been 13,000 less victims of crime. He increased front line policing, made officers more visible and treated low-level crime such as vandalism more seriously. Residents have been delighted with the back to basics approach

However, there is one dissenter.

Can you guess who that is?

Yes, that's right, Nanny!

A report by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary said:

"While attending every crime is a highly effective method of engagement, it is felt by a number of staff interviewed that taking a statement at each crime is not always necessary and can be time-consuming."

A few observations about the above:

1 People pay to see the police on the streets and dealing with crime.

2 The paperwork that is time consuming is a direct result of Nanny's rules and regulations, cut the paperwork and get more bobbies on the beat.

3 Quote "attending every crime is a highly effective method of engagement" unquote!

Mr Baker effectively said the report was bollocks:

"We will continue with our policing style, which includes attending all crime, increasing police visibility, opening more police stations, tackling crime robustly and bringing offenders to justice.

The public are our biggest partner and we will continue to listen to them and work with them to provide the service they ask for.

There are always ways in which we can improve and this is something we will continually strive to do

Nanny's target driven rules and regulations have perverted the police force in Britain, and destroyed the trust that once existed between the public and police.

The threat to the rule of law, and the threat to the respect for the law, comes from Nanny not the criminals.

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  1. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Don't worry folks our plod may be useless pc pcs, but euronanny is building a very effective little force she will have every right to send to our shores in the future.

    They wear spiffy little uniforms with nice armbands (remind you of a certain european party in the past?) carry guns at all times and will take no nonsense from political dissenters, sorry I mean criminals.

    So, sod off pc useless to your homophobic racial awareness classes, and don't worry your pretty little head about law and order some nice jackbooted boys are going to take care of that (and us) for you.

  2. "... it is felt by a number of staff interviewed that taking a statement at each crime is not always necessary ..."

    Which you find out by taking statements, fools! That is, after all, what you did by way of "interviews". Totally unnecessary: a moment's thought about what you have read in newspapers or otherwise heard would allow you to realise that in some cases even people present at the scene of a crime did not necessarily notice anything of value and/or would not cooperate, so why did you do interviews asking about this? Why, just in case your opinion was based on a false premise. Which is part of why "statements" otherwise known as "written accounts of interviews" are sought. Just in case something actually does prove useful.

  3. Anonymous11:25 PM

    Taking a statement from the victim(s) should be fundamental to the investigation of all crime, not least to verify that a crime has been committed.

    Whilst burglaries of domestic premises are probably not followed up with interviews these days, alleged homophobic or racist statements are, usually following mandatory arrest. The police are more and more pointed towards thought crime and crimes against political correctness by our lovely government.

    Gone are the days of preliminary enquiries prior to making one's mind up whether a crime has been committed and the police constable's discretion. Now it's boot through the door first and ask questions afterwards - a malicious complainant's paradise. We also have the utterly politicised and partisan CPS to ensure that nothing contrary to the New Labour agenda is properly followed up, all wrapped up in Straw's Ministry of Injustice, an edifice of vile doublespeak worthy of Himmler.

  4. Anonymous10:59 AM

    I just read this on Yahoo News about the increase in complaints about police rudeness:-

    But Police Federation Vice-Chairman Simon Reed said society had also become less civilised.

    "Anyone who goes to a town centre of an evening now will see behaviour they wouldn't have witnessed 20 years ago," he told BBC radio.

    "There tends to be higher levels of disorder than we have seen previously."

    And why might that be Simon? Could it have something to do with the decline in effective policing? Sounds like an own goal to me. Yours are the people charged with maintaining public order and ensuring that the behaviour seen in town centres is acceptable. That is why the police were established in the first place!