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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Nanny Bans Man

Nanny Bans Man
Congratulations to the knobheads in Chichester District Council for once again proving that councils are infested with people who are totally out of touch from reality, and cannot be trusted to sit the right way on a lavatory let alone spend their citizens' council tax.

It seems that the most pressing issue facing Chichester is not the economy, crime, the environment or indeed balancing the books but the phrase "man in the street".

For why?

The good people who sit upon their fat arses in the council have decreed that the term is "inherently sexist, not a fair reflection of reality, and makes the views or work of women invisible".

They have therefore banned it.

Do they seriously think that this absurd waste of time, and money, is a major step forward for womankind?

Members and staff of Chichester District Council have been told to use "a positive alternative" such as "the general public".

They have also been told to stop using phrases such as "manning the switchboard", and the words Mrs, Miss, girl and lady.

So what do you call a person of the female gender who is a lady or a girl then?

I was taught to use the term "lady" out of respect and politeness.

To enforce the new Orwellian style orthodoxy, Chichester District Council have used taxpayers' money to publish a language guide which has been sent to parish councils in the area.


The list of banned phrases also includes:

-'old woman'
-'old fool'
-'old codger'

I suggest that you drop the council an email that includes as many of the banned words as possible.

Vent your spleens via this link

Local councils really are the most appalling manifestation of Nanny, and need to be eradicated asap.

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  1. Anonymous10:59 AM

    What a useless bunch of tossers! It's thanks to twats like these that our once great country is in such a hideous mess. I am sure the good men and women of Chichester are really happy that the fools on the council are putting their council tax to such good use.

  2. Anonymous11:07 AM

    When I first read this story in the press I thought, there's one for our Ken...

    I find it hard to fathom what these idiots find so offensive.....I find it hard to believe there are legions and legions of females, feeling offended by the use of phrases such as, manning the swithch board or the man in the street.
    I suspect more would be offended by the waste of public funds during the current economic slump we've talked ourselves into. It seems everyone has to tighten their belts to survive, except local, national and European governments...Then again, they have their own private cash cows they can milk and milk again....The taxpayer!!

    If I was a woman I would be offended by these people thinking I've got so little self esteem, confidence or ability that I need Nanny to put in special PC rules to protect me......Bloody idiots!!

  3. Oh, it's essentially the same as the moronic practice of calling a Chairman "Chair". I have tried several times to get this corrected in my own council, and they're "thinking about it".

    As I said: it is embarrassing to have this idiocy in official council documents, viewable by the public. They must think we're idiots. And (I ask them) what do YOU call a female Ombudsman?

    Yes, that's right: it's a title, non gender-specific. The same principle applies here. After all, we're all "mankind" and woman is so-called because of coming "from the womb of man".

  4. Anonymous12:54 PM

    It’s worth sometime just lying back and cogitating on what life would be like without councils.

    There’d be some disadvantages but there’d be many advantages.

    The biggest advantage is that communities would revert back to the old more-closely-knit model with neighbours banding together to organise their own affairs. If the grass on the village green needed cutting, instead of some nebulous worker arriving in a council van, locals would roll their sleeves up and get stuck in. Some cutting, some clearing, some providing refreshments.

    Neighbours would get to know one another more quickly. There’d be communal litter-collection days, informal get-togethers, barbeques, street parties, garden parties ....

    Not everyone would have the time or resources to engage in all the activities, so a bartering scheme could be organised. For example, cleaning 50 windows could be bartered by a single man for entry into the next wife-swapping party. The potential would be limited only by the imagination.

  5. If "man on the street" is problematic, what about "cunts on the council?"

    One might point out that, just as "man" in the first expression is applicable to both men and women, so "cunts" in the second is actually gender neutral. Do you think they'd buy this? No, I thought not.

    I don't know what blogging etiquette, if any, applies to the following situation, but I am going to mention it anyway. Many of you may be familiar with the commenter, "Grumpy" who frequently vented spleen on this site. Well, he died about a week and a half ago, and is today being buried in his hometown of Lancashire (I hope I spelled that correctly.)

    Despite, or pehaps because of, his patriotism to the UK, he had lived in happy exile in Turkey for the past twelve years.

    Anyway, this is a community of sorts (a grouchy one) and I thought that I should pass this information on. By the way, he despised Nanny in all her forms.

  6. Anonymous2:06 PM

    Black Sea:

    Thanks for the information....Grumpy will be sadly missed, I always enjoyed reading his words of wisdom and his resistance to our mutual enemy, Nanny.



  7. I understand that the militant Amazonian sisterhood who peddle all this nonsense week in week out [presumably having nothing better to do] prefer the designation of "wimmin".

    They also push for the redesignation of my own academic subject as "herstory".

    And many, such as Ms Harriet Harperson, advocate that positive [i.e. anti-male] discrimination should be enshrined in law.