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Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy Independence Day

CheersHappy Independence Day to my American friends.

Party hard and set off lots of dangerous fireworks!


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  1. Anonymous12:09 PM

    I'll second that.

    Off subject but, I feel the need to give an update on a comment I left on this site last week about my interactions with those people we all know and love up in Glasgow called HMRC.

    The story so far:

    They owed me a not-insignificant sum of money.
    Their on-line system stated they would pay it to me in 2010.
    When I complained, they said they would pay it to be as soon as they had completed an investigation.
    Yes, that's right, one of those investigation scams that last until 2010.

    So, given that I was prepared for a long hard struggle in the weeks and months ahead, I was a tad surprised this morning to receive a letter saying the money has now been transferred into my bank account!

    I thought they were out of money! Maybe they've had a whip round in the office or something, but I've suddenly had a change of heart towards HMRC. Okay, it was my own money they'd stolen but relative to expectations, the outcome has been an overwhelming success. So, having switched from brickbat to bouquet mode, I'd like to put on record that HMRC employees are some of the nicest people one could ever have the misfortune to meet!

    You know the drill by now everyone. The Milky Bars are on Ken.

  2. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Further to my previous posting on HMRC, and while still trying to manage down the shock and euphoria of having my bank balance enriched when I least expected it, I'm now thinking: 'can I reciprocate and do my bit today by giving something back to society'. And so I've decided to release details of my recent amazing breakthrough in the field of medicine. A breakthrough that came about as a result of months of trial and error. Namely a cure for heartburn. So, for all you people out there suffering from heartburn, this could be your lucky day!

    That's right, I've been suffering from heartburn for the past couple of years. At one point it became so bad that I looked it up in my Haynes Owner's Workshop Manual for Man, but it just said: heartburn isn't really a big deal it's just annoying.

    I wasn't satisfied with that answer. I wanted more, and so I started experimenting with different foods. And now that I've discovered and treated the cause rather than the symptoms, I haven't had heartburn for the last couple of months.

    The solution is so simple that you can't put it into an e-book and charge $15 to download. It's like the cure for obesity – eat less and exercise more. As soon as people read it, they want their money back.

    My cure for heartburn – eat less quickly and chew your food more. Simple but highly effective! The sort of thing your mother tells you when you're young but you never listen.

    During my investigations I read that there's been a big and unexplained increase in the number of people suffering from heartburn complications, and that's probably why – life has become faster, fewer families sitting down round the dinner table, leading to faster eating.

  3. Number 611:43 AM

    Ken, I have enjoyed another great Independence Day here. I lived for ten years stateside and still keep the 4th and Thanksgiving - loads of hamburgers on the grill (gasp fire and kids running about in the garden plus fireworks on the night.

    The stars and stripes flies in the back yard - liberated from Canoga Park post office after a very drunken night in the local Brit pub - ah happy days and plenty of Californian wine and cold US brews are consumed.

    I look forward to the day when we can celebrate our independence from nanny and all her useless jobsworths.

    Till then, time to finish off the cold Buds in the fridge and grill some more fatty hamburgers while the sun is still out.

    God Bless America and God rot Nanny!