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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Can You Ride Tandem?

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I see that the arch enemy of Nanny, McDonald's the purveyor of all things "evil" (foodwise that is), has gone over to the dark side and joined Nanny.

Tom Halsall and Mark Dixon were riding their tandem some 5 miles from Chorley, and decided to pop into the drive through McDonald's in Leyland.

Can you guess what happened next children?

Yes, that's right, McDonald's refused to serve them.

For why?

Seemingly the tandem was deemed to be a health and safety hazard, and McD's didn't want to be liable if the tandem was hit by a car.

Surely the issue would lie between the car that hit the tandem (and its insurance policy) and the tandem riders, not Mc'D's?

Given how risk aware McD's now pretends to be, why is it Ronald McDonlad is allowed to wear such oversized shoes?

Surely this constitutes a trip hazard?

A silly reaction by McD's, symbolising how brain dead many of us are becoming.

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  1. Even in the US its very difficult to get served in a drive thru on a push bike as most of the fast food venues insurance companies will not cover such a situation.

    Its a shame but if you aren't in a motor vehicle then you shouldn't be using the drive thru.

  2. It appears that many of the big companies that have made huge profits under Labour's mis-rule are very keen to help her.....Perhaps this is the price they have to pay to be left alone by Nanny.....Thirteen pieces of silver anyone?

  3. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells12:58 PM

    EN said:
    "Its a shame but if you aren't in a motor vehicle then you shouldn't be using the drive thru."

    In terms of being hit by a car, what's the difference between a pedal cycle and a motorcycle, the latter being a motor vehicle?

    Purely theoretical question of course as there's no way I'd buy anything from MuckyD.

  4. microdave2:01 PM

    But surely Nanny can force McD's to allow cyclists - after all, they are helping to reduce CO2, which is THE most important thing to consider now. Or so we are told......

  5. Anonymous5:06 PM

    The problem is, there are a lot of scary people on the roads with woeful levels of awareness of what's happening around them. And to make matters worse, they seem to assume others suffer from the same basic lack of spacial awareness.

    I found myself in a roadside debate last Saturday with some woman driver discussing the great danger I'd been in on my bicycle. 'If this had happened, and that had happened, and a car had come round the corner, you could have been killed!' she said. I told her I could have been hit by a piece of space junk as well – the world is just a dangerous place. But no, she wasn't convinced.

    She seemed to think that whether we live or die on the roads depends mostly on good luck, a wing and a prayer, and how much the State has intervened to save us from ourselves.

    Whereas, when you've been a cyclist for a while you eventually develop a sharp 360-degree sense of awareness. There was no point in telling her I'd seen her coming a long way off and deduced the need to give her a wide berth, or that I tend not to ride round blind bends on the wrong side of the road with my eyes closed, praying that nothing will come the other way.

    So I had to pamper her a bit otherwise she looked the type who might start a campaign to force the council into spending vast sums of money installing Dutch-style traffic lights to protect cyclists from motorists.

  6. Funny - I went to a mc'd driver through once (5 years ago?) with some drunk passengers who got out and walked through in front of my car! No problems getting served there as pedestrians