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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nanny Unbans Dairy

Those of you of a certain age (mid 40's and beyond) will doubtless recall the health advice of the era when we were kiddy winkies, about the benefits of drinking milk and eating dairy products.

Indeed, the state even gave children free milk each day in school. Government cuts in the early 70's put paid to the free milk, but the advice about the benefits of consuming dairy products continued.

NB: Historical note, contrary to the popular myth of the time, Maggie Thatcher was not the person responsible for cutting free school milk (she had to implement the policy); it was Ted Heath who ordered it to be cut.

Anyhoo, up to the age of around 14 or so I was consuming around 3 pints of milk a day at home and look at me now!

As time moved on Nanny, in her infinite wisdom, took advice from so called "medical experts" who decreed that milk and dairy products were in fact bad for people.

The "Butchers' profession" has a higher than average percentage of people who are substance abusers (ie booze, fags and drugs). Quite why Nanny is so enthralled with their advice, everytime they change their mind about something, I don't know (remember they used to be very keen on bleeding people).

Anyhoo, plus ca change, the Butchers' profession has now decreed that dairy products are in fact good for children. Children who eat plenty of dairy foods such as milk and cheese can expect to live longer, according to a study by the University of Bristol and Australia's Queensland Institute of Medical Research.

Despite dairy containing artery furring fat and cholesterol, high consumption does not raise the heart disease risk!

I could have told Nanny that!

Needless to say not everyone wants to accept this, Joanne Murphy of The Stroke Association said:

"This is an interesting study, but we need to take a further look to really assess the benefits of milk in reducing the chances of dying from stroke.

In the meantime, we advise parents to opt for a diet rich in fruit and vegetables and low in saturated fat and salt for the overall health of their children


As I have often said on this site, fat is good for you. A car engine without oil seizes up. The same applies to the human body, fat in the veins helps the blood flow more easily;)

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  1. I've said it once on here and I expect I'll say it again.....Everything in moderation!!....Now may I have my own quango with the perks that come with it....The national office of the bleedin' obvious.

  2. When I was little and we had a family Sunday roast, I used to be given one of the by-products - beef dripping on toast. Lovely it was too.

    Those were the days!

  3. Anonymous12:58 PM

    As a kid I drank copious amounts of milk as well. It never did me any harm. I think a cholesterol level of 10.3 is quite healthy!

    Indcedentally, there are a growing number of Doctors who think cholesterol levels have nothing to do with heart disease. They say that checking someone's cholesterol after they've had a heart attack and concluding that the cholesterol is to blame is like looking at a house that's on fire and concluding that the men in the big red fire-engine must have started it.

    I'll keep you informed...or not as the case may be!

  4. Number 62:08 PM

    Anticant, the noble tradition of dripping on toast survives in my house - turkey dripping is especially delightful at Christmas and my kids love it.

    I would also recommend said by products of the roast on a nice piece of crusty bread.

  5. NB: Historical note, contrary to the popular myth of the time, Maggie Thatcher was not the person responsible for cutting free school milk

    Well, 'Snatcher' Heath would have an Oxymoron, no?

  6. the man from UNCLE4:09 PM

    Heath the thief has a nice ring to it, after all he thieved our right to be an independent nation by starting the sell out to the EU, Common(unist) Market as it was then called to make us think it was a nice and cuddly free trade arena.

  7. Anonymous12:10 AM

    Whatever you had back as children - it is likely you dont have the bulging bums of current proletariat. This makes a difference.

  8. Anonymous10:52 AM

    I keep seeing this "diet rich in fruit and vegetables" tosh and I am continually puzzled by it. Fruit is essentially organised sugar water and most vegetables are basically starch and fibre with a few vitamins and some trace metals thrown in. Neither of these is bad for you, but where did they idea that they are in some magical way especially good for you come from?


  9. Lord of Atlantis1:28 PM

    Ken said..." Historical note, contrary to the popular myth of the time, Maggie Thatcher was not the person responsible for cutting free school milk (she had to implement the policy); it was Ted Heath who ordered it to be cut."

    And, as has already been mentioned by the Man from UNCLE, Heath sold this country to the European Union (Common Market as it was in those days)thus making him, in my opinion, one of the biggest traitors in the history of this country. However, when the miners challenged his government in 1972 and also 1974, he completely bottled it!

  10. the man from UNCLE12:53 PM

    Lord, Heath was, of course, a Conservative. Dave will carry on his sell out to the EU. The main three parties are just a porridge of socialisim and statism, each issuing platitudes to say that they are 'different' to each other.

  11. My doctor has been trying to get me to take these generic statins. I would rather follow my dad's example, and he is 89