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Friday, July 24, 2009

Swine Flu Hotline

Swine Flu Hotline
I am amused to see Nanny boasting about her new swine flu hotline, where people can ring up call centres manned by non medical personnel (some of them work for supermarket call centres I believe) and self diagnose themselves for a dose of Tamiflu.

Here's why this is a daft idea:

1 Swine flu (a variation of which was around in 1976) does not kill the majority of people infected with it.

2 Flu kills people each year, I see no reason to panic the population into thinking that swine flu is any more dangerous than other varieties of flu.

3 Many people claim they have flu, but in effect are just suffering from a very bad cold.

4 The hotline will be abused by people to stock up on Tamiflu "just in case", or to sell on to others.

5 Tamiflu causes some pretty unpleasant side effects (eg nausea) in around 10% of people who take it. The chances are that swine flu will be less unpleasant.

6 Nanny, by focusing people's minds on swine flu and pretending to take "decisive action", ensures that our attention is taken away from the dismal state of the economy and the God awful Prime Minister that we are saddled with.

Now wash your hands after reading this!

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  1. i tried ringing the 'swine flu' hotline here in Australia - all i got was crackling ...

  2. Ken;

    Number Two is key to Nanny's plan; A frightened population is easier to control and the "Piglet Cold" helpline is just a cheap gimmick to make people think Nanny is doing something.
    Number Six is very true, deflecting attention away from all of Nanny's shortcomings is purely a political stunt, similar to, in many ways, the expenses witch hunt.

    Many people do "upgrade" their illness, all part of what psychiatrists call "The primary gain of playing the sick role" People with a bit of a cold call it flu....Those with a bit of a headache call it migraine....Both flu and migraine are really debillitating conditions and those of us, for example that suffer migraine, laugh when we hear someone carrying on with their normal job saying that they have currently a bad migraine.

    What was interesting last night on the ITV news was the statement that I made several months ago; This flu will be spread by children as they are in close contact with each other and cuddle each other at school....I wonder how long it will be before Nanny's propaganda wing, Al-JaBeeba, comes out with a statement that its not the kids that are spreading the disease, after all, in Nanny's child focused Utopia, we can't have children shown in a negative light can we?

    What would help prevent the flu from spreading would be for those selfish people that go into work with severe coughs and colds....STAY AT HOME YOU SELFISH CREEPS; most companies don't think anymore of you when push comes to shove!!

  3. Number 611:33 AM

    Ken, yet more nu Labia spin and bullshit. A done on the cheap phone line staffed with drones (surprised they have not 'outsourced' it to India) so the useless twats can appear to be 'doing something about the grave risk to health etc etc blah blah.

    Sadly, the sheeple will buy into the latest panic and will cede yet more rights to the 'government' which as we all know only has our best interests at heart.

    Goodnight children, everywhere don't forget to sneeze into your hankies now or nanny will be very very cross with you.

  4. What I am finding amusing at the moment is the stories in Nannys media on the lines of "xxxxxx's swine flu ordeal". xxxxxx is usually a politician or some dimwitted blonde and they rattle on about how awful it was and how close to death they were. Again, another great way to keep the population scared when in the vast majority of cases it is a mild illness. I personally *may* have had it as there have been cases where I work and about a month ago I was off work for six days with sudden high temperature, sore throat, headache, tiredness and slight acheyness. However, it was mild, it did not lay me out completely. In fact the worst thing about it was being faced with daytime TV which after a while started making me feel vaguely suicidal :). A colleague with a confirmed case described it as being similar so it certainly is not the deadly virus that is going to wipe us out that Nanny seems to want us to believe it is. It definitely is not an 'ordeal', amputating your legs with a rusty desert spoon 20,000 feet up Everest is an ordeal. Lying on the sofa feeling a bit crook isn't even if you are faced with watching interminable documentaries about huge cranes, Tiger tanks and the Waffen SS or Jeremy Kyle.

  5. Anonymous1:23 PM

    'interminable documentaries about huge cranes, Tiger tanks and the Waffen SS'

    Lol, that's the best bit about it!

    The piggyflu stuff - from the WHO all the way down has been a load of complete Bollox.

    What are we going to do when a proper pandemic hits us?

  6. Bucko1:50 PM

    I've had swine flu (apparently) and i've gotta tell ya, it's not that bad.
    Normal flu had me bedridden for a week some years back. This was gone in 3 days and was very mild.
    (I did come out in rashers though).

    There is always some scare tactic to keep us docile. Bird/Pig/Moose flu, drugs, terrorism, hoodies, peados, climate change. I'm so glad I am intelligent enough to see through it all, otherwise I probably wouldnt leave the house.

    My advice to everyone: Live

  7. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Back in May after the European elections, people coming out of the bunker were reporting that the Prime Minister was in remarkably good spirits despite the election results. He was telling them to take courage. There was likely to be a major outbreak of swine flu and the way in which the Government responded would turn their fortunes around.

    This was on the basis that his popularity was at its maximum when he was seen chairing COBRA meetings to deal with the threat of floods in Suffolk and bombers at Glasgow Airport.

    It probably won't be long before we're all called upon to form an orderly queue for vaccination.

  8. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Have you seen the people manning the hotline? They look as if they've been co-oted from stacking supermarket shelves.

  9. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells5:29 PM

    The oink 'flu scare is yet another product of Fear Industries plc. Fear is a highly marketable commodity and fifth rate politicians, 'elf'n'safety Gauleiters and tabloid headline writers do very well out of it, thank you very muchly.

    Fortunately I'm a baby-boomer who was around during the genetically-related Asian 'flu pandemic of 1958 so I probably have partial if not full immunity to the current oink flu.

    Despite being "at risk" (I've got a heart condition) I'm not bothered - I just keep on taking my daily 3000mg Vitamin C. Much cheaper than Tamiflu, possibly more effective and a damn sight safer.

  10. I was feeling a bit yuk this week but put it down to being overworked and overtired (like most of us who work hard to ensure that we can give the nice guv enough of our hard earned loot to keep them happy)

    I suddenly felt a lot better today. Someone else in the office had been suffering similar so we started to wonder if it was a slight touch of ye olde piggy flu. Now someone else has gone down with the same thing. Sorry Tonk, I wasn't even aware that I possibly had this thing when I went into the office. Had I felt worse I would have stayed home,

    I still don't know for sure if it was that or not. Like DTW, I take vit C every morning. Absolutely no idea if it helps, but it does make a nice fizzy orange drink in the morning to go with my cornflakes and, as DTW says, can't do any harm.

    I do wish they would stop all the scaremongering. As others have said, it is all about control. I am fed up of control - it's making my life more miserable than any flu (piggy or otherwise)...and, unlike flu, there appears to be no end to it.

    Anyway, as I feel better, it's wine and fags for me tonight - nanny won't like that!

  11. Who benefits? A possible clue here:

  12. patients of swine flew also found in india . recently found in Jaipur