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Monday, July 20, 2009

A Nation of Paedophiles - Nanny's Nice Little Earner

It is reassuring to know that even when Nanny pretends to be "saving the children", she still manages to find a way to make something on the side for herself and her apparatchiks.

Nanny's new registration scheme requires all adults who come into contact with kids as part of their work, eg authors and illustrators who visit schools to register on a database designed to "protect" children from paedophiles.

The fact that the authors are not left alone with the kids, but lecture them in a crowded hall is irrelevant to Nanny.

Nanny's Vetting and Barring Scheme (VBS) is being managed by the Independent Safeguarding Authority. It requires all individuals who work with children, from 12 October, to register with a national database for a fee of £64.


Nanny's Home Orifice is unrepentant:

"The UK already has one of the most advanced systems in the world for carrying out checks on all those who work in positions of trust with children and vulnerable adults. From October this year the new Vetting and Barring Scheme (VBS) will ensure these regulations are even more rigorous.

The new scheme means every individual working in a field that requires more than a tiny amount of contact with children and/or vulnerable adults will have to be vetted.

If they are passed, they will be placed on a register that says they are allowed to work in a regulated field.

If they are barred, they will go on a separate register and it will be a criminal offence for them to try and obtain work in a regulated field, carrying a penalty of up to five years in prison.

It will also be illegal for anyone to employ them

So will parents be vetted as well?

What about MPs who visit schools and kiss babies?

This is simply another nasty piece of legislation designed to place further barriers between adults and children.

Be under no illusions here, Nanny is the child abuser not the British public. Also be aware that this is nothing more than an excuse to tax us further.

It will be a nice little earner for Nanny, as it is expected that this database will contain over 11 million names within 5 years.

Let us learn this mantra for prep:

The state is the enemy of the people.

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  1. Julius Caesar10:26 AM

    I AM opposed to the vile activities of paedophiles, but do not accept that the problem is as widespread as the government would have us believe. Moreover, most such behaviour, and other forms of child abuse, are NOT carried out by strangers, although I admit there are exceptions for example, the 'Moors Murderers': in fact, the perpetrators are usually family members. In any event, if the government are so keen on ID cards and for everyone to register, they should pay for it. However, even if they were to do so, I would still be utterly opposed to this idea, as, in my view, it is nothing less than another fundamental attack on freedom and civil liberties, having far more to do with control of the people than the protection of children.

  2. Ken:

    I think there are three main aims:

    1) Make money to enable Nanny to employ more people...They become reliant on Nanny for their income and therefore are unlikely to bite the hand that feeds them by voting her out.

    2) Database creep....Slowly but surely amassing more and more information about her citizens.

    3) Keeping the population frightened and divided....This makes the population easier to control and bully.

  3. Grant2:12 PM

    Govt. Spokesmouth weaseled:

    "The UK already has one of the most advanced systems in the world for carrying out checks on all those who work in positions of trust with children and vulnerable adults."

    Uh huh. Right. In that case it is probably the ONLY one, unless the spokesthing, when using the word 'advanced', means that it is the most intrusive.


    If 'the government' pays for it we all pay for it. I am more than happy to have a good excuse for never having to work with children, not that I would expect to. I am also of the mind that if people are making a living they wish to retain by giving talks or whatever (in some cases maybe propaganda sessions?), that they should pay for it not me. If they object they can stop having the contact. No big deal. In most cases this may be a benefit to the children.

    Of course then the Govt' will expand the scheme to include a redefinition of what ages relate to 'childhood' to cater for enforced end of education age changes to massage unemployment figures AND increase the coverage of this scheme to everyone in the country (kerching) by raising the age of end of childhood to, say, 25. (Except in the armed forces where lowering it to 16 may become necessary for recruitment purposes).

    Finally, since most abuse, in the form of bullying for example, likely comes from the children themselves it is clear they they all ought to be on some form of register of this type in addition to Nanny's intended record of all children (except those of MPs and celebrities.)

    Thinking of which, would Madonna be accepted or not?

    I can't see the point of a database though, since as I read it once assessed as a risk the individual has no means of coming off the record. So why not just tattoo an identification mark somewhere? Forehead and wrist maybe. Job done.

    Has anyone thought of that before ....?

  4. "I AM opposed to the vile activities of paedophiles". Well, hark at him!

    There is no need to make any such concessionary statement. The whole thing stinks.

    And will the Conservatives reverse any of this? NO.

  5. Nanny has already effectively raised the age of consent to 18, thus criminalising the consenting sexual behaviour of adolescents. This has nothing to do with paedophilia.

    The net result of such measures will be that loads of benevolently inclined adults will steer very clear of having any avoidable contact with children, who will accordingly become even more uncouth and anti-social than many of them already are.

    Wild horses wouldn't drag me near a school these days, and I would hesitate from helping a toddler across a busy street in case Nanny's minions accused me of being a "child molester".

    Where is all this madness going to end up?

  6. Anonymous6:22 PM

    Just spat my evening meal out. Headline news in the local paper about a junior school which installed CCTV in the toilets. This was to catch the little darlings vandalising them. Alright, I don't like the spread of these damned things anymore than most people, but apparently it stopped the problem dead.

    What really angered me was this piece from the article - "Unfortunately in this day and age adults can't go into toilets and monitor behaviour"

    So now the little monsters can do what they like in the bogs, and an adult can't even check up on them, let alone stop them??? Every day I think things can't get any worse, and lo & behold, they do!!

    Will this VBS make any difference? I very much doubt it.

    Link to the story here:

  7. I recently sent Ken an item about a school in North London which was going to fingerprint all the pupils without their parents' knowledge until the local paper blew off about it and they backtracked and offered a "consultation" before implementing the scheme.

    But the principal remained convinced that it was the right thing to do, and that it didn't endanger anyone's privacy. There seems to be no end to Nanny's delusion that she always knows best.

  8. Grant9:56 PM

    "So now the little monsters can do what they like in the bogs, and an adult can't even check up on them, let alone stop them??? Every day I think things can't get any worse, and lo & behold, they do!!"

    Well, presumably not because the entire staff can watch them doing whatever they do in the toilets via the camera link. Which may strike some as a little odd of course but presumably all the people thought to have access to the camera output will have been suitably vetted.

    They will, won't they? I mean there's no chance of the images containing any dodgy content is there? Or being posted on YouTube or similar?

    Presumably the kids have moved on to find something else to 'vandalise'. Will the camera installations follow?

  9. What an utter load of old cobblers and codswallop. First of all, the French govt of (supposedly) right wing sarkozy is the one bringing in more 1984 stuff than any previous govt (war periods excluded); secondly whilst no expert on paedophilia and being of the opinion that any perpetrator of said criminal acts should be removed with prejudice in the absence of any known "cure" , I can assure you that until quite recently in France a lot of child molesters (we are not talking about a Dr reassuring a child by taking him into his arms, but the freaks who repeatedly "feel/touch" kids in inappropriate ways, to put it mildly)were people in authority, with a rather disturbing proportion of music teacher in school system, public or private. The main offenders worlwide actually seem to be politicians and other people in posesion of immense power/wealth, and they are very rarely bought to justice.

    As to your blog,I stumbled on it by mistake and hope not to return.

    Using such a disgusting and serious issue as child abuse as a political "weapon" is plainly insane in the most criminal of ways, and does rather remind one of a German proaganda artist whose name I believe started with a "G".

    Want to sue me ?

  10. Did you in any shape or form actually read the article?

    What has France got to do with this?