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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Booze Matter - Drink Regularly

Yawn...another tedious "study" into the alleged effects of drinking has been published.

This study, conducted by Toulouse University (so it didn't cost British taxpayers anything I assume), compared drinkers in Belfast to drinkers in several regions of France. The rationale for the demographic split is that the French drink the same amount, but in a different pattern.

It seems that the good people of Belfast drink most of their booze over the weekend (Nanny calls this "binge" drinking), whilst the French spread it out over the week.

The study concluded that men who "binge" drink, had nearly twice the risk of heart attack or dying from heart disease compared to regular drinkers over the 10 years of follow up.

Binging, according to "experts", consists of drinking just over two pints of strong lager in one day!

Good grief, that's absolutely pathetic!

That is barely a gnat's piss in a swimming pool.

Clearly those who conduct research live on a different planet to me (and I guess a few of my loyal readers?).

As to what "twice the risk of heart attack" actually means in real life is not quantified. Given that a vast number of people in Britain consume more than two pints on a daily basis, I don't see bodies piling up in the street felled by a sudden cardiac arrest.

Needless to say, the media have latched on to this and of course our dog whistle politicians (who enjoy subsidised all day drinking courtesy of the taxpayers) will call for "action" to be taken.

It is of course utterly meaningless, the so called "unit" approach to "safe" drinking is nonsense. One person can drink gallons and not be affected, whilst another can have but half a glass of wine and fall flat on their face. It all depends on the individual, both physically and mentally.

One size does not fit all and Nanny, by reducing the "recommended unit intake" to the lowest possible level, makes a mockery of her health advice.

The only "lesson" one can possibly draw from this study is that drinking all week does you no harm.


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  1. I suspect it would also be fair to say that people that eat well, (seasonal fresh produce)as is the case with the majority of the French, would have, in general terms, less risk of a heart attack than those that eat lots of processed food.

    The problem with these types of survey, as pointed out by Ken, is that often they are carried out with a view to proving a prefered outcome.
    Nanny has killed off the smokers, now she is upping her attacks on the drinkers whilst, at the same time, preparing the ground for her attack on the big eaters......Remember, in Nanny's eyes, a good citizen will be born, will work and pay tax until they die and, should they become ill, Nanny would prefer them to die so that she can continue to waste our money on social engineering projects without having to give the sick and disabled anything back.

    My philosophy in life has been everything in moderation, and that seems to work fine.

  2. Speenzman8:35 PM

    That's interesting, I was reading one of Jeremy Clarkson's tomes the other day and he informs us that troops in Iraq have an allowance of two cans of beer a day. So practically the whole British army are binge drinkers then?!

    Verification word is presseds, hmm sounds like... :-)