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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fag Matters - Packets

I see that Nanny's war against fags continues unabated.

Rather ironic, given that Nanny makes so much money out of fag taxes and that people's health is worse affected by pollution from cars and planes etc.

Anyhoo, dismissing those "annoying" little facts, Nanny has decided that the current design of fag packets is just too sexy. In her view they encourage people to smoke.


Please, who is she trying to kid?

Who can seriously say that a fag packet looks sexy, or enticing?

Who on the planet has really been tempted to smoke, simply because of a fag packet?

Nanny's proposed solution is to have all fag packets made from brown paper, no logos or anything.

Here's why this idea is bollocks:

1 No one gives a fark about the design of fag packets, least of all the hardened smoker.

2 There will be a new market created in fag cases and fag packet covers (much like mobile phone covers).

3 Counterfeiters will rejoice, and Nanny's tax take will be reduced accordingly.

A totally daft idea!

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  1. Yet another example of Nanny making decisions without thinking them through.....I hoped for a change when Nu Labour were kicked out but, it seems Blue Labour under Cast Iron Dave is exactly the same.

    It reminds me of magazines from sex shops in the late 1960s/early 70s, all wrapped in brown paper and sealed down.....I can't see the attraction in smoking having never smoked but, I would imagine that, everytime Nanny makes smoking even more "naughty" so she drives more and more rebellious teens into the tobacco industry's arms.....Mind you, perhaps this is what Nanny really wants; another addicted generation, as it keeps Nanny's revenue stream in tact.....Reverse psychology perhaps?

    My party has been ruined by Mr Cameron and I only hope we can rid ourselves of him and his hand picked allies very soon.

  2. "Can I have a packet of 20 of those cigs in the stylish red packet please?
    "On second thoughts I'll have the very attractive blue packet.
    "Hang on a minute, make it the modern looking green packet.
    "No, changed my mind again, I'll take the flash silver pack.
    "Oh, sod it, I'll just stop smoking".

  3. Mjolinir7:08 PM

    XX years ago, I managed a small 'cigs, news & sweeties' shop. Cigarettes were a large percentage of turnover, but low mark-up.

    There was a 'public campaign' (= pressure groups + press) to,have the tobacco tax increased, increased, increased to stop people smoking.

    Within the trade there was a semi-serious suggestion that the 'UK Tobacco Makers' Association' call a press conference and announce that - to improve the Nation's 'health' - they were immediately ceasing all forms of their business, make all staff redundant- and point out that there would be NO MORE nicotine flavour golden eggs from that goose.