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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Booze Matters - Alcohol, The Drug of Choice

CheersI am hugely gemused to read the findings of Professor David Nutt's (Labour Nanny's sacked drugs adviser) study into drugs, that state that (when measured on the damage done to society and oneself) alcohol is more dangerous than illegal drugs like heroin, ecstasy and crack cocaine.

Scoring from 0-100, alcohol scored 72 overall, heroin 55, crack 54.

Other drugs scored as follows:

- crystal meth 33
- cocaine 27
- tobacco 26
- amphetamine/speed 23
- cannabis 20
- GHB 18
- ketamine 15
- methadone 13
- ecstasy 9
- anabolic steroids 9
- LSD 7
- buprenorphine 6
- magic mushrooms 5.

Clearly the current drugs legislation in the UK (as I have noted many times before on this site), is bollocks and needs to be changed.

Sadly owing to the undue, and ill informed, influence of certain elements of the shouty media and that part of society that I will politely refer to as the "moral minority" all that we will see happen is extra pressure applied by Nanny to make us reduce our intake of alcohol and fags.

The current drugs (legal and illegal) policy of the UK is based on prejudice and hypocrisy, and that won't change in the foreseeable future.

Nanny's drugs policy is a shambles, and is destined to fail. Using the law to enforce certain people's views on "morality" never works in the long run.

Do remember loyal readers that our government, that continues to advocate the current drugs policy, is made up of a number of highly placed people who have used (and maybe continue to use) several illegal drugs (not "just" whacky backy).

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  1. Archroy11:11 AM

    These percentages take no account of the numbers of people 'using' each 'drug'. If as many people ingested magic mushrooms as drink alcohol, then the percentage for that particular item would be much higher. Barmy statistics from the Nutty professor.

    (Notice how these people always talk about 'alcohol' as if we're drinking the stuff neat, never 'wine', 'beer', whisky', etc., just to make it sound more clinical and scary; "See you round the Coach and Horses, and we'll drink some alcohol."

  2. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Everyone, according to nanny, seems
    quite chuffed with the wonderfull
    total smoking ban so why not spread a little touch of hatred to the drinkers. With a bit of luck
    the drinkers and smokers will
    get of their knees and now
    give the nanny state a good kicking

    We hold our breath

  3. Archroy, be careful with your arguments there, there may indeed be very few magic mushroom users, but other drugs (even some "hard" drugs) are as common, or even more popular than alcohol for certain age groups, notably the young that are best known for also getting smashed on beer and then going around smashing things...

    All I can say is look how stupid the prohibition of alcohol in the USA was (and the resultant organised crime it spawned) and yet few in mainstream politics are able to see the same issue here today with banning other mind altering substances, harmful or not.

    Remove the ban, remove the organised crime, forced prostitution, gang culture etc. That would be of great value to our society, and also the societies where countries are practically run by drug syndicates. Take away the illegality and you take away the crime that goes with it.

  4. Quite right Mr Potato Head!

    Under the circs, given how dangerous booze now appears to be, the only solution is:


    A pint of your finest crack please!!

  5. Nut by name nut by nature.This gentleman appears to be rather attention seeking.

    There are some social problems caused by those that cannot control their own alcohol intake and keep to sensible levels, which may be zero for some people however, the vast majority of us only have the odd drink now and again.
    I would suggest from a psychiatric view that if one looked at the harm each drug did to a percentage of its users, heroine, crack and LSD would be top of such a list.

    This type of abuse of statistical data is wrong and should be stopped for example, labrador dogs in the UK bite more people than the other dangerous dog breeds but, there are many more of them but, as a percentage of the total of each breed, Labs are much less a threat than the so called dangerous breeds.

  6. Tonk: I do agree with your point entirely but let's be clear about this. I read the report, it is certainly not statistical data. In fact, the conclusions were based solely on an opinion rating given by Prof Nutt and his colleagues.

    They are working to an agenda of reducing the hysteria surrounding currently illegal drugs but, as Ken rightly points out, the study was taken completely differently by the worldwide press and the result was mass shrieking for draconian action towards booze.

    And sanity gets thrown out of the window once more.

  7. Tonk.4:54 PM


    Thanks for the reply; I listened to the story and the reporter suggested that Prof. Nut's opinions were based on a series of factors, including crimes related to the drug, hospital admissions related to the drug, family breakdowns related to the drug.....I assumed that these figures were obtained from colating official statistical data and that the good prof. then formed an opinion based on these pieces of statistical data; if this was the not the case, then Sky and other news organisations that reported this story are misleading the public.

    I agree that there is a hidden agenda at play here, just as there almost always is regarding the government's social engineering projects.

  8. It seems a given that people will ingest drugs in one form or another to amuse themselves, to overcome inhibitions and fears, or to cope with the sheer boredom of our cotton wool lives.

    Since this is the case, we may as well accept that some people along the way will overdo it, or do it at the wrong times, in the wrong measures, with embarassing and occasionally tragic consequences. Booze is hardly the perfect solution, but it's a hell of a lot better than nothing, at least from time to time. I'd hardly recommend a heroin or LSD binge every weekend. I suspect that, after awhile, you'd have a lot more than a hangover to contend with.