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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Fag Matters - Scotland's "Biggest Killer"

FagTalking of drugs, as we are currently doing, I see that Nanny's other pet hate (fags) has been the subject of some recent discussion in Scotland.

Fags, as we now know, are almost on the same level as cocaine (which itself is around as third as harmful as booze); although they are a lot cheaper than coke, and raise significant revenue for Nanny.

Anyhoo, Ash Scotland (the Scottish anti-smoking charity) recently called for a "consultation" on banning smoking in vehicles in Scotland.


Whenever I hear the word "consultation" spewed forth by Nanny and her acolytes, I instinctively reach for my sickbag. "Consultation" means that Nanny has already come to her conclusion, and is merely seeking a way to justify it to the media and the public.

Ash Scotland are of the view that fags are "Scotland's biggest killer".

Are they sure?

Wasn't Scottish Nanny recently saying that obesity was Scotland's biggest killer, or was it booze (the threat always seems to chnage at Nanny's whim)?

Ash Scotland have published their views in "Beyond Smoke Free", which calls for a consultation on introducing legislation to ban smoking in vehicles and the development of "robust" intermediate and endpoint targets (whatever that means - why is Nanny incapable of speaking in plain English?) to reduce the effects of passive smoking in the home and in vehicles.

Given how "dangerous" Ash believes "second hand smoke" in cars is, will they also be banning cars as well (given that the pollution from cars is far more detrimental to everyone's health and the environment than fag smoke)?

Oh, one more point, this proposal means that the hapless smoker will be able to light up as soon as he/she crosses the border into England. That rather makes a mockery of it doesn't it?

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  1. Uncle John12:10 PM

    I like the fact that restaurants are now 'smoke free'.

    One can sit in comfort before a lovely wood fire, appreciating the smell of pine logs, in the romantic glow of wax candles.
    Perhaps nibbling smoked salmon on toast while drinking a coktail with a lit sparkler in it and watching the chefs 'char-grill' your chosen meal (those lovely sticky brown stripes that show it was done 'properly').

    Followed by Crepes Suzette (Flambed - of course). And then- to a comfortable lounge to drink 'High Roast' coffee around an incense burner.

    Perfect prelude to "Firework night" celebrations.

  2. That reminds me Tonk, is this like the ban at smoking in bus stations and stops? Universally ignored and nearly impossible to enforce?

    Myself, I'm glad that I don't have to share restaurants with smokers (ex-smoker that I am), but banning it in people's cars? Come on!

    What next? Bans in the home, in the garden...

    Why doesn't Nanny just come out with it and announce a ban on smoking altogether? Oh, that would cost tax revenue...

  3. "...this proposal means that the hapless smoker will be able to light up as soon as he/she crosses the border into England."

    Yes, like they did before 1st July 2007. Pubs in Carlisle were overflowing for a couple of years...then 'it' crossed the border, so now they are all closed.

  4. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Sadly the masses will continue to buy into the junk science and lies because decades of conditioning makes them incapable of doing otherwise.

    Those who can still read or who are in any doubt about the path we are on should read this book, first published about ten years ago and now available as a free download:

    The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America