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Monday, November 29, 2010

Useless Gobshites!

Useless Gobshites

Fresh on the heels of the recent announcement by the Tory led coalition to ban all branding of fags, our "beloved" government is now planning to up the minimum price of booze.

Nanny's Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley, will publish a white paper this week that will outline plans to ban cheap alcohol sales.

Supermarkets will be banned from selling wine, beer and spirits below the cost of duty on the product plus VAT.

There are also plans to raise the duty paid on super-strength beer, as part of the Police and Social Responsibility Bill that is also due to be published.

Licences could be removed from sellers that breach the rules.

I had been labouring under the misunderstanding that we were now being governed by a Tory led government, with an agenda to lessen the burden of state control on the individual, not a socialist administration intent on encroaching ever further into our daily lives.

Clearly I was wrong.

I find it hypocritical, to say the least, that our "respected" MPs (hereafter referred to as useless gobshites) are striving to increase the price of booze; given that these useless gobshites have unfettered access to subsidised bars and restaurants (open until the wee small hours) courtesy of the long suffering taxpayer.

Why do they allow themselves the option of being able to drink cheap booze, but deny the voters that same option?

My thanks to the Irish Daily Star for coming up with a headline (albeit intended for the Irish cabinet) that so ably describes our government.

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  1. Anonymous10:11 AM

    The thing is, the country is no longer run by the government as such, but by a load of left wing control freaks embedded in the civil service and even more in the various think tanks and consultancys that surround them. We need a government that recognises this and breaks the grip, perhaps by some mass sackings.

  2. Typical socialist attitude.....Don't do as we do. do as we say......Mr Cameron is not a Conservative, he is a progressive Marxist.

    I agree with anon however, you are forgetting about the media, again dominated by the left wing, that nolonger just report the news but seem to make or drive the news.

    I think it is very sad that all our political parties are now progressive Marxists and that we the electorate, have no real choice and, no real choice means, no real democracy.

  3. We get the government we deserve. The problem must be with us, the people, as much as our elected gobshites.

  4. Tonk.2:25 PM

    Mr Potato Head;

    Perhaps we do but, I would suggest that if a number of businesses engaged in the practices that the political parties do; ie all offering the same thing at the same cost, they would be prosecuted for operating a cartel.
    The way our political system is set up, it is nearly impossible to get a new party, with new ideas, off the ground and therefore, we are stuck with the status quo....All are pro EUSSR, all are apologists for the new false religion of climate change and all are interfering control freaks. We can only vote for what is offered or the lessor of the evils.

  5. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Unfortunately I fear Tonk is correct in his second post, we can only vote for the names on the ballot paper.
    It follows that we no longer have a democracy since the three parties are in collusion. Many did try with UKIP and BNP, which together with the non fight of Cameron cost him an election he should have won in a canter. Mind you, we who did not back Cameron got it right, he is proving a disaster.

  6. Anonymous9:27 PM

    this country has been sold down the river by the political elites and we can do nothing about it - other than leave but you can only take 100ml of anything in your hand luggage

  7. This may sound morbid, but being 59 means that I do not have to look forward to another 50 years of despair. I may not even live long enough to see the end of the DFS sales.

  8. Anonymous5:01 PM

    This minimum price of alcohol thing will be interesting to watch, since it is apparently completely forbidden by EU law. The EU claims that their law overrules all local law, so in theory this load of shite ought to get booted straight out.

    But will it?

    If it doesn't get booted out, then ALL EU directives will effectively have the rider of "... unless you don't fancy doing it" tacked onto the end.

    This bit of fascist fuckwittery is really a blessing in disguise, since we honestly cannot lose out with it; if it stands the EU gets told to go do one, and if it falls we lose a piece of crap law and gain publicity on how the EU rules us, not Parliament.