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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

TUC Dances On Elderly Lady's Grave

As loyal readers know, Nanny is normally quick to send in the Rozzers when a hapless moron makes "joke" on twitter about someone dying or tweets an insulting comment about various media "personalities".

I assume therefore she will be sending the Rozzers to Brighton to discuss with the "brothers" at the TUC their association with an organisation that is flogging T shirts celebrating the future death of Lady Thatcher?

It is quite pathetic that the TUC is still fighting battles that ended over 20 years ago and bizarre that an elderly lady, in fragile health, still scares the hell out of the "brothers"!

Feel free to ask Nanny to conduct an in investigation into this.

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  1. It is a shame that Lady Thatcher was not now, as she was in 1979. She would sort the country out and the EUSSR.
    Cameron is nothing more than a socialist that snatched defeat from the jaws of victory at the last election.....How he can jump into bed politically with Clegg beggars belief. We no longer have a real Conservative Party thanks to Cameron an Co and our brand will be deemed untouchable for atleast a generation. It's UKIP for me when we get another chance to vote.

  2. Anonymous11:19 AM

    T.U.C. ?

    Totally Unadulterated Cunts.

  3. Lord of Atlantis11:31 AM

    Well, Tonk, I did vote UKIP at the last general election so can say with a clear conscience, "This is not my fault, don't blame me!"
    I quite agree with your views on Lady Thatcher. The country is crying out for a leader of her calibre. Sadly, since she was stabbed in the back by traitors and cowards in her own party, the country has been run by political pygmies, and I do not see anyone in any of the major parties anywhere near to providing the leadership and policies this country so desperately needs. I did not agree with all she did, but I had and still have great respect and admiration for her, unlike any of her successors. In any case, irrespective of the rights or wrongs of what Lady Thatcher did or did not do when prime minister, or at any other time, these t shirts are sick, and any person or organisation involved or associating themselves with them are beneath contempt, and should be prosecuted forthwith.

    1. Tonk.2:23 PM

      My Lord,

      My conscience is clear too because neither did I vote for Caneron's party even though, I was at the time, a life long Conservative. I still consider myself a Conservative but with out a Conservative Party to vote for.

      I asked my own MP how I could vote for him, a true blue Conservative, without effectively having to endorse Mr Cameron: it is of course impossible to do so.
      It is my opinion that our party leaders have become too presidential in their attitude towards the party membership.
      They appear to forget that, as leaders, they are just tempoary figureheads loaned the top job by the party members: it is NOT their party to do with as they see fit.
      They use the whip system to bully their MPs into accepting alien policies and because MPs rely on the benevolence of the leader for promotion, they all too often appear to put their own career goals ahead of their electorate's wishes.

      The whole system as it is now stinks.....It is my opinion we need far less government and far fewer petty laws and rules. I say cut the size of the state to what it was in about 1979 and let's have a return to traditional Conservative values, commonsense policies and bring back the concepts of morality and public service into our politicians as well as the general public.