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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Nanny's Appetite For Life

"Kudos" to Nanny's chums in Cardiff council for recently creating a temporary in house job (note the job is only available to employees of Cardiff council - why?), the sole purpose of which seems to be to encourage children to eat more school meals.

When I was a lad, my fellow pupils and I would stuff our faces (no boiled cabbage though); there was absolutely no need for us to be encouraged to eat!

Why does the council wish kids to eat more school meals, given that school meals have been given a drubbing by the likes of Jamie Oliver et al over the last few years?

Aren't many school meals, generally, the same reheated shite that people serve at home anyway?

Appetite For Life Co-ordinator

Job Category: Catering/Cleaning/Caretaking
Contract type: Temporary
Working hours: Full Time
Department: Education
Grade: Grade 6
Salary: £22,221 - £26,276
Closing date: 17/08/2012

This vacancy is only available to employees of Cardiff Council including Cardiffworks and Agency Workers currently engaged with the Council.

A unique opportunity has arisen for the post of Appetite for Life Coordinator, on a 12 month secondment, to work with Cardiff Catering, the Council’s in-house Education Catering service.

The successful applicant will be required to coordinate the implementation of the Appetite for Life Food and Drink Standards in schools across Cardiff and to develop initiatives to encourage the uptake of school meals through links with schools, parents, children and local health groups. The post holder will represent Cardiff on various related groups and promote partnership working.

You will need to have a sound catering and/or nutrition background with relevant skills, qualifications and experience of working within schools. You will report to the Catering Services Manager and work within a team of professionals in this forward thinking and award winning service group.

You should enjoy the interaction with children and young people and have a mature and robust personality. Candidates should possess a full valid driving license.

This post is subject to a Criminal Records Bureau Enhanced check.

This post is temporary up to August 2013.

Internal candidates who wish to apply for this position on a secondment basis must obtain approval prior to application using Form SEC1 (4.C.081). Requests may only be approved by the relevant Chief Officer or senior nominated officer graded no lower than OM2 or in the case of schools based staff the Headteacher / Governing Body.

This post is suitable for job share.

We welcome applications in both English and Welsh.

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  1. I had school dinners too and loved them again, except for cabbage!
    They were affordable and cooked on site by an army of good cooks from fresh ingredients.

    Nanny has killed off school dinners with OTT 'elf'n'safety, cheap, ready made processed foods, closed the kitchens and put in place high prices. She also donned her jackboots to dictate what kids can and cannot have in their lunchboxes. My grandchildren have so many rules and regulations about Nanny approved lunch box food, it beggars belief.

    Ding dinners are used because they are cheap and can be heated up by very low paid, unskilled people. The contractors actually have found a very novel way of getting around the national minimum wage regulations. They hold back part of the staff's pay so they can still be paid when they are off during school holidays.

    The problem many parents now have is that although their kids enjoyed traditional, homecooked meat and two veg at home, once they've eaten the shite ding dinners with their high levels of MSG etc, the kids will only eat shite. I suspect in years to come, we shall see many new cases of diseases and conditions related to a crap diet.

    School meals were introduced to guarantee poor kids at least one, good quality, highly nutrious meal a day, now that poverty in again on the rise in this country, we could do with turning the clock back.

  2. Isn't it illegal to restrict a job application to specific groups?

  3. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells7:29 PM

    Microdave said:

    "Isn't it illegal to restrict a job application to specific groups?"

    Not in the Corporate State - our privatised Town Halls like keeping it in the family, but up to now nepotism wasn't so blatant.

    If it's possible the private sector is even more corrupt than the the public.

  4. For the last couple of years the vast, vast majority of the jobs advertised in my local councils are listed as 'INTERNAL ONLY'. Sometimes they're nice and put it in the title; other times they sneak it in at the bottom of the description making you waste your time and hopes. It's often said that jobs advertised externally (i.e. to the unwashed masses) already have a person ready to walk into the job anyway...

    It's apparently law that all job vacancies in councils must be advertised to the public. I wish they wouldn't with these internals, because having NEENER NEENER YOU CAN'T WORK HERE HA HA slapped in your face for even the most pathetic data entry post is really demoralising.