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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Nibble Nanny's Nuts

My thanks to loyal reader and Facebook chum Steve Hall, who has allowed me to share this example of Nanny nut nonsense that he and his 3 year old son had to endure.

In Nanny's view, the odour of nuts presents a clear and present danger to those with nut allergies:
"Had to go and pick are 3 yr old son up from school today because we gave him a peanut butter sandwich for his lunch and the school couldn't risk him breathing on a child with a peanut allergy. so they didn't think it was fair to put our son in a room on his own (quarantine !!!!) so would we pick him up. pmsl nanny state Britain at it's very best."
Doubtless there are those who will say that nut odours do cause an allergic reaction. However, they do not, facts contradict fantasy and hysteria.

As per Kids' Health:
"..just the smell of foods containing peanuts won't produce a reaction because the scent does not contain the protein."
As ever, Nanny was talking bollocks!

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  1. We (the taxpayers) do!

  2. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Your friend would be able to confirm this Ken, but if the child is only 3 isn’t he a little young for state school?
    In which case it is your friend who is paying a nursery directly to be inconvenienced in such a stupid way.

    This sort of thing happens too often. Moronic teachers attend a half day course that is being held by another moronic teacher who previously attended a half day course.

    They all come away as experts.

    1. "They all come away as experts" - Expert Morons, that is....

  3. I dare say there is a taxpayer subsidy somewhere in there (eg for the nursery or for the "training" courses)

    1. Hi Steve here. the father of the little nut muncher. in reply to the previous comment yes he is at nursery at the state school he will be attending when he move's up. This school has a very good reputation in our town and always gets a very good ofsted report. so it's a shame we have have to put up with these sort of incidents from silly narrow minded individual teachers. This isn't the first incident might i add. About two years ago my older son at the same school came home with a post it stuck to his empty crisp packet in his lunch box which read "please do give your son crisps again for lunch. this is a healthy eating school" in Actual fact Mr Frost i think it was this incident what had me scrolling the internet for anti nanny state websites and came across your little gem. so some good came from it lol

    2. crisps contain a good level of vitamin C, oddly enough:)

  4. "All things considered" - This information from the Nestle UK seems very sensible and informative. Note that they correctly distinguish between"Nuts" and "Peanuts"


  5. Anonymous11:21 AM


    Whole Nanny Nuts

    Cadbury should take them and cover them in chocolate

  6. Reminds me of the fact that my duaghter was told by the midwife that she must not let me near my new granddaughter for 30 minutes after I have had a cigarette. Fortunately, my daughter, an ex smoker, is not stupid, and does not believe in 3rd hand smoke.