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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Snoopers' Charter

It being a remarkably wet and windy day in Brighton, those of you wishing to shelter in a warm building on the seafront could do worse than pop along to Grand Hotel this evening.

For why?

I understand that the Open Rights Group at the Liberal Democrats party conference and Big Brother Watch will be at that venue and will be discussing the draft Communications Data Bill.

They have dubbed it the "Snoopers' Charter".

They will be discussing what's wrong with the draft Bill, and what to do about it.

Where and when:
The Grand Hotel (Alexandra suite)
97-99 King's Road,
BN1 2FW.
1815 - 1930. 

Nick Pickles, director, Big Brother Watch (Chair)
Jim Killock, executive director, the Open Rights Group
Mark Pack (Editor, LibDem Voice)
Dr Jenny Woods

I wonder if they have heard of Project Stellar Wind (going live in 2013)?

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