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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Nanny's Unhealthy Skool Dinners

I am gemused (but not at all surprised) to see that, despite Nanny's attempts to force kids to eat "skool dinners" and to conduct mass inspections of lunch boxes, skool dinners are not as healthy as Nanny would have us believe.

Dispatches shown on Channel 4 on Monday revealed that, despite Jamie Oliver's high-profile campaign to improve school meals and the millions of pounds pumped into improving school canteens etc, evidence suggests that strategies to improve the food served in all our schools are fast coming undone.
"The Dispatches survey provides worrying new evidence about previously banned products being made available to pupils. The programme speaks to one catering supplier who says that once again many schools are now looking to source cheap, low-quality products. 

One parent did his own detective work to discover out of the £2.10 per meal charged by one council, only 59 pence was being spent on ingredients.

As a consequence many children are voting with their feet, either bringing their own packed lunches or going outside school and eating from take-aways. 

Dispatches examines the councils trying to fight back and restrict the growth of fast food outlets near schools, and reveals the national chain reluctant to take no for an answer."
Now, what was I saying the other day about Nanny's chums in Cardiff council?

Oh yes, I remember:
"Nanny's chums in Cardiff council for recently creating a temporary in house job (note the job is only available to employees of Cardiff council - why?), the sole purpose of which seems to be to encourage children to eat more school meals."
It seems that, despite what she says in public, Nanny is determined to force children to eat shite; so long as it is her shite!

Winter diet tip: Given that we are now entering the autumn, an easy way to ensure kids keep warm is to feed them a slice of toast liberally spread with dripping and salt.

It's nutritious, tasty and cheap!

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  1. In our local schools, pupils are like prisoners: they are locked in behind high steel fences and are not permitted to leave the premises at lunch time. I am sure that if I had a child of school age, I would challenge this ruling and, if the school refused to allow my child to leave at lunch time, I would make a complaint to the local coppers about false imprisonment and kidnapping.....I wonder how much of a twist this would get Nanny's knickers into.

  2. Anonymous11:25 AM

    I am pleased that I no longer have a son at school, because (and I can assure you that this is not over reaction), if any bastard was to even think about ‘inspecting’ his lunch box I would be at the poxy school within the hour to KICK THEIR FUCKING FACES IN!

    Why don’t these CUNTS just get on with teaching, like they are supposed to do?

  3. I often had a piece of bread and dripping when I got home from school; giving me the energy to zoom around with my friends doing healthy things such as being WWII pilots or Cowboys and Indians in those healthy pre-computer, pre-TV days.

    Now I live in Bulgaria I often have a cube of salted pork fat with a double shot of rakia (Bulgarian vodka) after work - doctors here will tell you that that is perfectly healthy for a 50 year old man (which is what I am) who walks about 2 miles a day.

  4. I showed this post to my elderly mother, pointing out your "Winter diet tip". She smiled (as I know she would), but said that it's not that easy to find dripping these days. My friend sells it on his market stall, but I can't remember seeing it in any supermarket...

  5. On the whole subject of toast and dripping (that my father grew up on and did not do him any harm...he's 81) many years ago I discovered a fantastic way to mess with Nannys head...Grits, that good ol' staple of the US of A. In their most basic form you have a low fat food that is basically a form of porridge made from corn that releases its energy slowly so in Nannys eyes a 'healthy' food.

    Now the fun begins, prepare them, put them in a mould in the fridge overnight and you end up with something similar to Polenta that you can then fry in bacon fat (another good ol' US method of cooking Grits). So, all of a sudden, Nannys dream of healthy (albeit bland) eating becomes her worst nightmare. Even better is adding cheese whilst preparing them (cheese and bacon Grits) or when in their porridge-y state mix in an imperial shedload of jam or if you can get a jar of Goobers (peanut butter and grape jelly is best) add some of that. Nanny will have a heart attack long before you :)

    I discovered all this whilst living in the US for a few years and now make sure I keep a can of 'Quick Grits' in the pantry and a pot of bacon fat in the fridge for when I want to raise two fingers to Nanny.

  6. Old Tom6:55 AM

    Ah the memories. I was in competition with the milkman's horse to get the crust so I could spread it with dripping. heaven but that horse wanted to kick me I'm sure.