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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

HSE Bans Everything

My thanks to a loyal reader who recently pointed me to a Health and Safety fracas involving Nanny's Health and safety Executive (HSE) and AgChemAccess (an agrochemical company that imports products into the UK for global distribution).

AgChemAccess is suing the HSE for £2M,  for issuing "illegal" enforcement notices that stopped the company trading agrochemicals for two months and nearly forced the company out of business.

Farmers Weekly reports that the HSE brought the Norwich company's international agrochemical trade to a standstill for two months this summer, after it wrongly ordered movement restrictions on the whole of its UK-held stock.

An HSE investigator, who inspected third-party warehouses holding stock belonging to AgChemAccess, issued the company with a series of enforcement notices on 11 July. He believed the company was breaching safety regulations, and enforced a two-month movement ban on its UK-held stock.

However, on 29 August, following successful judicial review proceedings, the inspector accepted that he had no reasonable grounds to issue the enforcement notices and these were quashed.

Nicholas Gooch, director of AgChemAccess, said:
"The HSE did not engage with us in any way to try to resolve the problem.

They just simply put a blanket on us."
As loyal readers know, Nanny's obsession with one size fits all and a jobsworth attitude to regulations is a very dangerous combination.

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  1. We are the state: do as you're told or we'll 'ave yer.

    It is sad that one muppet can, on a whim, put so many people's livelihoods at risk.

  2. Lord of Atlantis11:58 AM

    I quite agree, Tonk. Unfortunately, those working for Nanny appear to be absolute muppets!

  3. Well, a capacity for power drunk unaccountable blundering toxic buffoonery seems to be a skill not in short supply at UK Government departments

    Here's another that's heading to court for a couple of million.