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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

The Dangers of Biscuits

Oh dear, it seems that owing to Nanny's Home Orifice rules Norfolk police were forced to record an incident of a man being hit by a biscuit as a “violent crime”.

The victim was hit by the biscuit after a minor disagreement with a woman, and was left with “small red mark”.

Stephen Bett, the Police and Crime Commissioner, is quoted by the Telegraph:
You could not make this up – it’s jaw-dropping.

I am sure people will find these examples of what the police are having to record as violent crime hard to believe to say the least.

I frankly couldn’t believe what I was reading. Is it any wonder we have seen a rise in recorded violent crime in Norfolk if these types of incidents have to be logged?
In other cases a child who was brushed across the arm with a stinging nettle by another child was also recorded as ABH (actual bodily harm).

A Norfolk Police spokesman said:
"National crime recording standards give the police a duty to record these incidents as crimes in Norfolk. However, we have a measured approach to how we deal with them.

Just because we record these as crimes, it will not always be appropriate to arrest or seek to prosecute the alleged offenders.

It is very much dependant on the individual circumstances of each report."
The country has gone truly mad!

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  1. This all appears to be part of Nanny's "Play nicely children" policy.....It applies to adults too....You cannot say or do anything to anyone without Nanny or her little helpers making a mountain out of it.