Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, July 02, 2015

Nanny's Damp Squib "Heatwave"

Despite Nanny's hysteria over the last few days about the so called "heatwave". Wherein she lectured us to hydrate, keep cool and stay inside if we were vulnerable; I am not aware of thousands of corpses littering the streets dead from "heat".

In fact the last couple of days of warm weather have now given way to rain, it's pissing down here on the South coast.

Panic over!

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  1. Hoooooza!
    As someone whom Nanny describes as elderly and vulnerable, I can confirm I am still here, as is my wife and she too is someone Nanny would describe as elderly and vulnerable.
    The strange thing was, we both found that we became thirsty as the temperature rose, fortunately because of Nanny's advice we knew we had to drink fluids to overcome this......Goodness knows how we would have survived without Nanny's advice and it makes me wonder whether I should buy a lottery ticket this weekend because, I must be so lucky to have survived so many decades without Nanny's advice in the past.....I just feel so blessed to have been born so lucky!


  2. As an apparently super-extra-vulnerable person (long term illness), my GP surgery very kindly sent me a text message reminding me of the need to stay 'hydrated', presumably so I didn't snuff it in the blazing Saharan heat. My reply also via the medium of text message consisted of two words. Anyone care to guess what they were? Hint: Go away with reference to vulgar fornication.