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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

The £8K Orange Peel

Kudos to Broxbourne Borough Council for making utter knobheads of themselves (and costing taxpayers £8K), over a farcical dispute regarding a dropped orange peel.

Luke Gutteridge accidentally dropped an orange peel (which is biodegradable), then binned it immediately and apologised to the Broxbourne Borough Council-contracted officer.

Can you guess what happened next children?

Yes, that's right, Mr Gutteridge was fined £75.

Instead of bending over and taking it, Mr Gutteridge went to court.

Suffice to say the case was dismissed, and the council claimed that lessons would be learnt.


Tim Hutchins, Broxbourne council member for environmental protection, is quoted by the BBC:
"Clearly we thought we had sufficient evidence to bring this case. The costs were not awarded against us and I think that's a fair indication the court believed the case had been properly brought."
Bollocks, they lost and the costs of Mr Guterridge's defence will be met by the taxpayer.

As the Budget is delivered today (see live tweets here), many councils will bleat and snivel about the cuts they will have to bear. However, do not forget that councils are very wasteful of our money and cannot be trusted to run a piss up brewery!

Councils are very good at spending other people's money!

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  1. Tonk.7:42 PM


    At the risk of repeating myself; when the criminal justice system is used as little more than an extension of HMRC, both are brought into disrepute.

  2. Lord of Atlantis9:18 PM

    Why should the taxpayer pick up the bill? In my opinion the jobsworths on the council and the CPS who insisted on proceeding with this ridiculous charge should pick up the tab, deducted from their salaries. If that were to happen, I think they'd think twice about bringing such spurious prosecutions!

  3. Councils have lawyers. Ought they not have advised this was silly? If not, why was it not run past them in the first place? Someone in the chain of command needs to be kicked royally.