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Monday, November 16, 2015

Everything Gives You Cancer - Food Nazis Ban Toast and Roast Spuds

The food Nazis are currently having a field day identifying what foods they believe cause cancer. Added to the list of everything that kills us, are crisp roast potatoes and crunchy toast.

A study by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) measured the amount of acrylamide (an alleged cancer-causing toxin) in roast potatoes, chips and toast.

Guess what?

You are all going to die of cancer if you eat any of these foods!

The FSA’s chief scientific adviser said the new research showed the need for roast potatoes and chips to be cooked to only “a light golden colour”, and that bread should be toasted to “the lightest colour acceptable”.

Professor Guy Poppy, the FSA’s Chief Scientific Adviser, is quoted by the Telegraph:
"The risk assessment indicates that at the levels we are exposed to from food, acrylamide could be increasing the risk of cancer.
Whenever I see the phrase "risk assessment" I instinctively reach for my sickbag.
The food Nazis decree the following:
  1. Parboil potatoes first before roasting them - considered the best method for producing crispy ‘roasties’ anyway - because the process reduces the free sugars that generate acrylamides
  2. Storing potatoes in a cupboard rather than fridge. Low temperatures can increase the amount of sugar and sweetness in the potato , leading to more acrylamide when cooked
  3. Cooks should not ‘fluff up’ parboiled potatoes before roasting them because in doing so it increases the surface area which in turn increases levels of acrylamide
As I have noted before, we are all going to die at some point. 
The fact that we are living longer than our bodies/brains were designed for, increases the chances that we will develop some form of cancer (which is now used as the "tick box" excuse on the death certificate for a death, in place of the traditional "old age")

Please can these food Nazis just fuck off!

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  1. Anonymous10:52 AM

    “the lightest colour acceptable” sounds rather like racist advice from nanny?

  2. Amazing, ain't science brilliant?

    Meanwhile, ignore most of our earlier (almost totally misplaced) advice about consuming full cream milk, butter, lard, etc

  3. Anonymous12:44 PM

    The unfortunate truth is that someone is actually paying for this 'research'.

  4. Tonk.7:14 PM

    The real unfortunate truth is that the FSA is a publicly funded body so, in effect, you and I are paying for this fake science.