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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Past Is Offensive and Should Be Banned

In a remarkable fuss over nothing that can only occur in a university, where seemingly students have too much time on their hands, colleges at the University of Oxford have been drawn into a 'race row' after advertising New Orleans and 1920s-themed balls, to be held in May 2016.

The problem?

According to some students the balls may cause offence to female and ethnic minority students.

For why?

Well, according to the complainers, the 1920's were a time when people of different ethnic origins and women were not largely present in colleges.
Magdalen College’s ball, inspired by "The Great Gatsby", promises to take students "back to 1926". It has been marketed using the quote:
"Can’t repeat the past? Why of course you can!"
Arushi Garg, a law student at the college, is quoted by the Telegraph:

"Obviously my demographic (woman of colour from a former colony that remains a developing country) makes me less likely than others to uncritically long for a past that privileged some more than others. 

But it would be nice if they cut down on the nostalgia a bit, because if we were re-living the past, the corridors of institutional spaces like Magdalen/Oxford is definitely not where you would find people of my gender, race and nationality. 

I wrote to the Magdalen organisers and they engaged quite respectfully with me, and are communicating with me to understand why I think this is problematic."
Lincoln college has faced criticism for "cultural appropriation" (what does that mean in English?) due to the marketing around its New Orleans-themed ball.

The co-chairmen of the student union’s Campaign for Racial Awareness and Equality and others have said that it promotes "nostalgia for an era steeped in racism."

As noted, only in a university would you find allegedly intelligent people getting hot under the collar over a fancy dress dance. Whatever era you look at, it would offend someone from somewhere. The present day isn't exactly heaven on earth either!

I am surprised they haven't complained about the word "balls" to describe the dances, given that it clearly has sexist connotations!

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  1. Tonk.5:00 PM

    It is sad to think these people will be the decision makers of tomorrow......It sounds as if this woman is a very balanced soul: A chip on both shoulders!

    I am still waiting for an apology from women for getting us kicked out of the Garden of Eden.

    Colour, race, gender etc today, are only an issue if you choose to make them so. People of all colours, race, creed, gender, religion have made mistakes in the past....Let5's move on.

  2. Anonymous7:35 PM

    People with too much time, and too much of other people's money looking for, and finding problems where none really exist.
    How can we ignore any history, or apologise for a time which very few people alive today even remember.

  3. Lord of Atlantis1:56 PM

    What a load of politically correct BS! Why can't they concentrate on the real issues of racism instead of this nonsense? And why don't the sheep grow some backbone and tell them to "Get lost!" or words to that effect?