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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Sugar Sugar - Brighton Council Hates Sugar

Those of you who want to give Brighton coumncil (worshippers of Saint Jamie of Oliver) your views on the "dangers", or otherwise, of sugar should complete the survey via the above link.

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  1. Done. That was easy

  2. Lots of leading questions m'lud.

  3. I too have answered the survey but have tick the "prefer not to say" box for all the PC equality/difference questions.

    My overall impression was that Brighton and Hove Actually Council has already made up their mind that sugar is evil and now just wants people to say how much they should punish those that use it.

    Of course, many people will feel they have to tick one box in each question which will "confirm" that sugar is evil and thus Nanny will use this "public support and calls for action" to justify punitive taxes and restrictions on sugar.

  4. Lord opf Atlantis6:38 PM

    Same here, Tonk! What has my race, age, gender, sexuality etc got to do with my views on sugar intake? Nothing as far as I can see!