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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Restaurant Offers Discount For Well Behaved Kids

The Evening Standard has rather an amusing story about a restaurant in Italy that offers discounts for diners with well behaved kids.

Antonio Ferrari, who owns a restaurant in Padua, said he was fed up of ill-mannered children ruining the atmosphere.

He told the Times he decided to introduce a five per cent discount for “polite children” after witnessing countless instances of kids behaving badly.

He told the paper: “We are not set up for kids we have no crèche, the spaces are tight, bottles can be knocked over and we have a clientele that spends a bit of money to be tranquil while eating well. 

I have seen five-year-olds put their feet on the table and four-year-olds jumping from chair to chair, while parents do nothing. 

“And when I complain the parents tell me 'My children can do what they want'."

Mr Ferrari said he introduced the discount six months ago and in that time has only given it to three families.

It “shows how rare good behaviour is”, he added.

An excellent idea, one that should be copied by restaurants everywhere!

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  1. Anonymous1:00 PM

    You would have to be a bit naïve to go to a restaurant in Italy if you are easily annoyed by children, and quite dim if you were to open a restaurant there and expect children to be well behaved.

    Perhaps the restaurateur would be able to attract more clients if he simply knocked 5% off all of his prices.

  2. Anonymous12:16 PM

    5% discount doesn't get you 5% less hassle - I've been to restaurant s where kids have been totally out of control, running about, knocking other diners tables etc whilst parents, in their thoroughly obnoxious middle class manner ignore them - the owner threw them all out to a loud cheer from everybody else - that's the way to do it