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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, February 06, 2017

Size Matters - The Incredible Shrinking Mars bar

Oh dear, thanks to nanny's war on sugar, it seems that various choccy bars (eg Kat, Dairy Milk and Mars) will be shrunken in size by 20%.

For why?

In order to meet Nanny's targets on reducing sugar.

Had they not done this, the manufacturers might have been named and shamed by Public Health England.

Surely any publicity is good publicity?

Disregarding the manufacturers' apparent fear of PHE, there might be a wee catch in this for the hapless consumer, as yet none of the manufacturers have said that a 20% reduction in size will be a matched by a 20% reduction in price!

How odd!

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  1. Anonymous11:16 AM


    They did the same to Wagon Wheels.
    I remember when I was a kid they were the size of diner plates.
    Look at the fuckers now.

  2. Just your everyday rip off.....and I thought we had a conservative government.

  3. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Ah but the cost of retooling the production line, new advertising and designing and making the smaller wrappers have to be recouped. As an added bonus people will now buy 2 @80% instead on 1 @100% and therefore increase their daily mars bar intake from 100% to 160%. We look forward to next years Public health instructed reduction in size.