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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, February 09, 2017

Snow Bomb Alert!

Oh dear the mercury drops a wee bit and Nanny, her chums in the various health agencies and the media all hyperventilate about an allegedly oncoming bit of chilly weather.

Apparently, we will all die of hypothermia and a "snow bomb" (whatever that is?) is on its way!

Well I am old enough to remember the "thunder snow" debacle of January, half an hours sleet and that was it!

Just dress warm if you are feeling a tad cold, and have some hot soup!

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  1. Expat in Canada4:02 PM

    As I type this, it is a nice sunny day here in Southern Ontario, and the temperature is a bracing minus 12 deg. This is not particularly cold for this time of year, in fact temperatures below minus 20 are not uncommon. Ditto snowfalls of a foot or so happen from time to time.

    Somehow we manage to struggle through.

    It's all a matter of perspective: I have lived in the sunny South of England, where snow is almost unknown and I have lived in the North, where it is much more common. You get used to it very quickly. I also adjusted easily to conditions out here in the colonies.

    Besides: I would have thought that a bit of cold weather would be just the ticket for the 'snowflake' generation.

  2. Anonymous5:09 PM

    Spain here.

    Yes we had a few days of very wet weather. 'Una gota fria' as it is know here. We also had one day of snow, the first since 1927 which soon melted.

    But watching the British news I was amused to see that the supermarkets had jacked up the price of vegetables, especially lettuce, a day after the bad weather arrived here.

    Blatant profiteering. There was and is absolutely no shortage of produce here.