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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Rice Is Poisonous

Oh dear, yet another staple food has been adjudged by "experts" to be dangerous.

This time rice is caught between Nanny's cross hairs, as it contains arsenic...apparently!

Millions of us are endangering our health by cooking rice incorrectly, scientists believe.

Small point, experts have long debated what level of arsenic is safe.
Chronic exposure to the toxin has been linked to a range of health problems including developmental problems, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

The Telegraph reports that Prof Andy Meharg, from Queens University Belfast, tested three ways of cooking rice for the BBC programme Trust Me, I’m a Doctor.

In the first, he used a ratio of two parts water to one part rice, where the water is “steamed out” during cooking.

In the second, with five parts water to one part rice, with the excess water washed off, levels of arsenic were almost halved.

In the third method, where the rice was soaked overnight, levels of the toxin were reduced by 80 per cent.

Right then, here's why this is bollocks:

1 Billions of people eat rice every day, yet do not seem to be dropping dead from arsenic poisoning.

2 White rice is treated in order to replace the nutrients lost when the germ is removed, washing before cooking removes those nutrients and the rice has no food value.

3 Over soaking, washing and cooking will turn the rice to clag.

4 Rice contains large amounts of starch, which is far more harmful to our bloated diabetic bodies than a small amount of arsenic.

5 As noted above, the "experts" can't agree on the safe levels of arsenic.

Ignore this bollocks, and enjoy your rice!

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  1. Doesn't exposure to small amounts build up immunity? It could be helping to save your life from a murderous spouse!

  2. A "scientist" believes? Ahhh, so an act of faith, just like this 'ere man made global warming then! Just what is the percentage of arsenic in rice, or can he not do's only chemistry.