Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
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Sunday, October 10, 2004


Big Brother is Watching YouNanny's Big Brother has decided that the phrase "brain storming" is offensive to epileptics; therefore it should no longer be used.

Today a relatively "harmless" phrase is banned, tomorrow it will be something else.

As Orwell predicted, in his book "1984", an effective means by which a dictatorship can control the population is by controlling their thoughts. The best way to control the population's thoughts by controlling the language.

The elimination of words and phrases from the language means that people can no longer use them, or think them.

This is but the "thin end of the wedge".

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  1. HAH!! I got me own back on this piece of bullshit!!

    It was 2004. We were having an A-level Product Design lesson, where we were just starting our big project and were entering the design stages. Unfortunatly our usual teacher was off sick so we had a pissin' annoying feminist squirt of a supply teacher, who when she saw what we were doing (BRAINSTORMING ideas!! OH NOES!!) went into a hissy fit and threatened us all with detention.

    Until I shoved my MedicAlert bracelet under her nose and declared, loudly, that I was personally offended by her thinking I was STUPID enough to consider the word 'brainstorm' as offensive to me. And after she had read it, she shut up good and we were able to continue brainstorming.

    Why? Because I have had Primary Generalised Epileptic Syndrome - your basic grand-mal seizures and all that - since 2001.

    Stuff THAT up your arse, Nanny!!