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Nanny Knows Best
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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Nanny's Nuts

Two fingers to NannyNanny's obsession with banning the time honoured sport of conkers, received a two fingered salute this week.

It emerged, that despite many of Nanny's friends in schools across the country banning conkers, one school in Croydon not only allowed the game; but in fact held a conker tournament.

The Head of Park Hill Junior School, in Croydon, held a conker championship last week.

100 children took part in the week long conker championship, which pitted pupils from the lower and upper schools against each other during break times.

Even more alarming to Nanny, the children were allowed to supervise themselves during the early play offs. Parents gave advice and tips to their children on how to enhance the performance of their conkers.

The finals of the championship were overseen by members of staff.

Headteacher Bill Yearley said that this game, along with others, was a good way of keeping the children out of mischief.

The overall winner was year five pupil Saolan Doyle-Finch.

A spokesman for the school said:

"They (the pupils) have acted in a very responsible and enthusiastic manner and great fun has been had by all."

An engraved cup will be presented to the winner, and the school hopes to make the conker championship an annual event.

My compliments to the teachers and pupils of Park Hill Junior School for sticking two fingers up at Nanny, and her team of spoilsports.

No conkers were harmed during the writing of this article.

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