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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Let's Go Fly a Kite

The Kite Flying Ban Enforcement Squad in actionIn most parts of the world the suggestion, to go and fly a kite, would be met with an enthusiastic response. That is unless you lived in Afghanistan during the Taleban era, or currently live in Rossendale Lancashire.

Unfortunately, for those seeking to fly their kites in Rossendale, Nanny’s “more than my job’s worth” friends in Rossendale council (twinned with Kabul) disapprove of kite flying.

Sion Baptists’ church Rossendale had planned to hold a kite flying charity event, to raise funds for Afghanistan. Where, ironically enough, kite flying had been banned by the Taleban.

All was going well with the plans; until the “jobs worth” council put their noses in, uninvited, and stopped the event.

You see in order to raise funds, the church was going to charge £1 per kite entered. ”Not allowed” said the men from the council. They then lectured the Minister of Sion church on the mistakes that he had made:

  • Firstly, in order to hold the event, the church should have obtained permission from the council. Why is that, may I ask?

  • Secondly, as an entrance fee was charged, there would have to be public liability insurance to hold the event; in case of accidents.

A Rossendale council spokesmanA “jobs worth” council spokesman noted that “there was an issue over the right forms being filled in”.

He then went on to say that “..kites are an instrument of Satan; kite flying, and those who seek to fly kites, will be wiped from the face of the earth….”.

Rossendale council are so concerned about the satanic practice of kite flying, that they have formed an elite body of men called the “Kite Flying Ban Enforcement Squad” (seen here in action, above). The Kite Flying Ban Enforcement Squad will patrol Rosendale enforcing the “No kite flying ban”.

Those caught breaking the ban will be publicly stoned to death, in the town square.

Whilst part of the above may be “tongue in cheek”, the story illustrates the situation facing the British people today:
  • We have passively allowed our freedoms, and liberties, to be curtailed by second rate council administrators and bureaucrats.

  • No one may act independently, without the necessary paperwork being completed.

  • Council’s impose arbitrary rules and regulations, outwith the law, to ensure that their position of authority in the community is upheld.
In short, councils deliberately create excessive bureaucracies; in order to divert peoples’ attention from the fundamental truth, namely that councils are now irrelevant.

Aside from the day to day administration of basic local services, which they don’t do particularly well, councils have no real power or function within the local community. Once people realise this; the council, in its current bloated form, will cease to exist.

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  1. Le Hethcoat4:57 PM

    The only "paperwork" involved in kite flying should be the paper used to skin a new kite!