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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Nanny Nobbles NHS Nookie

Nanny's therapistAccording to reports I have received, Nanny has tried to procure a prostitute for an elderly care home patient; who was becoming a little over excited at the prospect of being surrounded by nurses.

The staff in the care home decided that he should either be given a dose of bromide, or allowed to relieve his natural urges. They decided on the latter.

Therefore the NHS asked Nanny’s SS (Social Services) to help find a lady for the gentleman, who would pay for her services himself.

The plan, in theory, would have worked reasonably well.

A suitably “neutral” venue was chosen for the meeting, between patient and the “hands on carer”, to take place.

Everybody, it seems, was going to be happy.

Unfortunately, Nanny’s SS could not resist poking their noses into this further; they decided that a neutral venue was not appropriate. In the view of Nanny’s SS, the service being provided was “therapy”; therefore it had to be provided on NHS property.

A hospital room was found, and all was prepared.

Unfortunately, because of the delay, the patient contracted pneumonia and died.

Dear old Nanny; she can’t stop interfering in peoples’ lives, even when they are close to death.

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