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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, October 08, 2004

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

Mandatory dining companionIt seems that a legal case in France, involving the prosecution of a couple who allowed a dinner guest to drunkenly drive home and kill someone in an accident, may well have repercussions in the UK.

It is theoretically possible that British hosts, under similar circumstances, could be charged with aiding and abetting drunken driving. Even passengers of dangerous drivers, theoretically, can be prosecuted.

Paul Folan and his brother Martin were both prosecuted last year for dangerous driving; when they both fell asleep, whilst Paul was driving them, and the car crashed killing a third party.

Such is the climate of fear of litigation that is engulfing Britain, it is highly likely that hosts and their guests will each need to bring a lawyer with them to future gatherings; in order to ensure that they do not lay themselves open to litigation.

Needless to say, the legal profession are rubbing their hands in anticipation of the extra fee income this will generate.

I would not be at all surprised if Nanny did not stick her nose into this, and propose some intrusive piece of legislation.

You have been warned!

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